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SAP Smart Forms Course And Certification

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What are SAP Smart Forms?

SAP Smart Forms is a unique feature that is implemented in the SAP software system for generating and printing of forms, and to distribute or send those generated forms over the Internet, Printer, Email or to a Fax machine. This is made up of Forms from several other SAP Modules such as SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD), SAP Human Resource Management (SAP HR) or any other software module that is found in the SAP ERP System.

The SAP Smart Forms which is present in the SAP Software System is a more advanced feature of the SAP enterprise tools that run on top of the SAP Script Forms. It can be produced without any computer programming language by making use of a graphical user interface (GUI).

The SAP Smart Form tool allows you to modify and adjust forms by making use of simple graphical tools instead of using any software programming tool. This indicates that a user who has no computer programming knowledge can configure these forms with data for a real-time business process without much efforts.

In the SAP Smart Form, data is collected from both static and dynamic tables. The table heading and the subtotal columns are specified by the triggered events and the data is then grouped and ordered before the final output. SAP Smart Form allows you to include graphics that can be displayed either as a member of the form or as the background process. You can also contain a graphic running in the background if it is needed while producing a printout of a form.

Features of SAP Smart Forms

There are many features of the SAP Smart Form, and some of them are:

1. The Data that is defined in the SAP Smart Form module can be used throughout the Smart Form for the purposes of coding.

2. All the data that will be passed to the SAP Smart Form from the Print program are defined in the form interface of the Smart Form.

3. Generating several page formats are made possible with SAP Smart Forms

4. SAP Smart Forms produces a function module when it is activated.

SAP Smart Forms vs SAP Script

The SAP Smart Form product was launched in the year 2001. Smart Forms have surprised Scripting Forms in SAP, the following are the main differences between them:

1. In SAP Scripting, you must write the print program. However, in a Smart Form, it is not required to write a print program.

2. SAP Scripts are client dependent. However, Smart Forms are client independent.

3. You can create Smart Forms without using the main window. However, it is not possible with the use of Scripts.

4. In SAP Scripting, you can use up to 99 main windows. However, in a Smart Form, it can have one main window.

5. When you activate Smart Forms in a SAP system, it generates the function module. However, it is not generated in the case of Script Execution.

6. It is also possible to create and design web forms using Smart Forms, but you cannot design web forms using script.

7. The Smart Form concept is completely based on Graphical User Interface. However, scripting includes some programming.

8. You can create, change and display a smart form using Transaction SMARTFORMS. To style the smart forms, you can use Transaction SMARTSTYLES. To write an SAP Script, use Transaction Code: SE71 to open form painter and SE72 to add different styles of texts and font in the Script Forms.

9. It is possible to maintain background graphics using Smart Forms, but not possible with SAP scripting. 

Benefits of Studying SAP Smart Forms

There are many benefits of SAP Smart Forms and some of them are:

1. The software does not require any prior programming knowledge or skills to design smart forms as it is completely based on graphical tools. This allows power users to design and develop the Smart Forms in a SAP software system and experts are needed only in very special and complicated cases.

2. When you activate SAP Smart Forms, it automatically produces a function module at the application runtime.

3. You can include background graphics to The Smart Forms that can be displayed as a part of the Smart Form.

4. You can display structures of tables and dynamic text framing by using SAP Smart Forms. You can also make use of SMART STYLES to add images, colored texts, barcodes, etc.

5. You can generate you form outputs in HTML format with the release 6.10 of SAP Smart Forms.

6. In SAP Smart Forms, it is very easy to make changes to the already exiting Smart Forms by using the drag and drop or cut and paste features. This does not expect you to enter into script coding for making changes.

7. You can convert SAP Script Forms to SAP Smart Forms but converting vice Versa is not currently made possible.

8. Job opportunities and career advancement. 

9. Become SAP professional and increase your earning potential. 

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