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SAP Web Dynpro Course And Certification

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What is SAP Web Dynpro?

SAP Web Dynpro is a conventional SAP User Interface technology to design and build web applications by using various graphical tools and development environments that are integrated into the SAP ABAP workbench. The use of various graphical tools and software takes down the implementation effort and helps to maintain the various components in SAP ABAP workbench.

SAP Web Dynpro is a unique web application technology that was designed and managed by SAP Software company that solely focuses on the design and the development of business server-based applications. One of its main design characteristics is that the user interface is illustrated in an entirely declarative manner. SAP Web Dynpro applications can be built using either a Web Dynpro for Java or a Web Dynpro for ABAP, flavor.

SAP Web Dynpro follows a design architecture pattern that is based on the representation of the MVC software design pattern and makes use of a model-driven development approach to minimize the coding process and maximize the application design.

The SAP Web Dynpro Framework is a server-side web development runtime environment on which many dedicated "hook methods" are made available. The developer then employs his own custom coding methods within these hook methods in order to achieve the aspired business functionality.

SAP Web Dynpro is directed and targeted at the development of business applications that follow a set of standardized UI principles, and applications that connect to backend systems and which are highly scalable.

Features of SAP Web Dynpro

1. Metadata: SAP Web Dynpro presents you with an environment for the design and development of web-based applications and you can use a variety of graphical tools to define your Dynpro web application in the form of metadata in software application development. You can also define your own custom events; though the handling of the event should be defined in a separate code from the application logic and that has to be executed when the specific event condition is triggered.

2. Graphical Tools: There are a wide variety of Dynpro web graphical tools that you can use to develop web-based software applications. With SAP Web Dynpro, you don’t need to create source code for this.

3. Business and Application Logic: SAP Web Dynpro allows you to run your web applications on both the front-end and the back-end based system that can be accessed by using a service locally or through a remote connection. Your user interface is sustained in SAP Web Dynpro application and persistent logic operates in the back-end system.

Benefits of SAP Web Dynpro

The following are some of the key benefits of using SAP Web Dynpro for developers in SAP ABAP environment:

1. With SAP Web Dynpro, you can easily manage and reuse the various SAP components for development.

2. With SAP Web Dynpro, you have a lesser implementation time with the use of graphical tools.

3. With SAP Web Dynpro, you can easily modify and adjust navigation and layout by using graphical tools.

4. SAP Web Dynpro allows you to easily adapt to changes in the structure of your application.

5. With the use of data binding in Web Dynpro, you can make use of automatic data transport.

6. SAP Web Dynpro allows you to easily integrate it into SAP ABAP environments. 

SAP Web Dynpro Course Outline

SAP Web Dynpro - Introduction/Overview

SAP Web Dynpro - Configuration & Integration

SAP Web Dynpro - Architecture

SAP Web Dynpro - Navigation

SAP Web Dynpro - Component

SAP Web Dynpro - Mapping & Data Binding

SAP Web Dynpro - Event & Actions

SAP Web Dynpro - Application

SAP Web Dynpro - URL of an Application

SAP Web Dynpro - Creating an Application

SAP Web Dynpro - Component Interfaces

SAP Web Dynpro - Faceless Components

SAP Web Dynpro - Assistance Class

SAP Web Dynpro - Service Call In an Application

SAP Web Dynpro - Using a Service Call

SAP Web Dynpro - Debugging an Application

SAP Web Dynpro - Version Management

SAP Web Dynpro - Messages

SAP Web Dynpro - Integration Messages

SAP Web Dynpro - Personalization & Configuration

SAP Web Dynpro - Portal Integration

SAP Web Dynpro - Integrate WDA in Portal

SAP Web Dynpro - Interactive Forms

SAP Web Dynpro - SAP List Viewer(ALV)

SAP Web Dynpro - Administration

SAP Web Dynpro - Monitoring an Application

SAP Web Dynpro - Video Lectures 

SAP Web Dynpro - Exams and Certification

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