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SAP Webi Course And Certification

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What is SAP Webi?

SAP Webi - SAP Web Intelligence is the business intelligence reporting tool of SAP and a part of the SAP BusinessObjects product suite. It is an advantageous tool that is developed for business users to be used for both analytical and ad hoc reporting. While utilizing SAP Web Intelligence, business users can develop basic, small scale, and complex web reports from transactional data that is in their database to meet specific business requirements.

SAP Webi is a Business Intelligence application that allows business users to analyze data that is stored in a Data Warehouse. It helps business managers in the decision-making process for developing future strategies.

By using SAP Webi, business users can develop basic, small-scale, and very complex business reports from transactional data in a database and by developing universes by using Information Design Tool/UDT. several SAP and non-SAP data sources can also be used to develop reports in Web Intelligence. SAP Business Warehouse (BW) system does not need a Universe to connect to the SAP Web Intelligence tool. The web Intelligence tool can operate as a client tool of the BusinessObjects platform and also as a standalone tool to be used for reporting.

SAP Web Intelligence is a simple and easy to use software product for the production of reports with the help of a web browser. Webi is remarkably easy to use and presents users with several useful and valuable features. All kinds of users will find it easy to use the application and to achieve faster work results.

Without programming, SAP users can develop well-formatted reports on the web and carry out analysis of the data in the report as well as distributing the work results on the BI platform or exporting them into other formats such as MS-Excel or PDF. In addition to the semantic layer of the SAP BusinessObjects (universes), it is also possible to reach SAP BEx Queries directly and instantly as a data source. SAP BW hierarchies are managed in the display as well as with consideration to its filter criteria selection. Within the scope of the introduction of the SAP BI 4.0 platform, this new interface depicts one of the most important features.

Features of SAP Webi 

There are lots of features of SAP Webi and some of them are:

1. Sharing of Elements: SAP Webi allows you to create elements that can be reused multiple times by other users or fo other documents, to be stored in the CMS repository.

2. Refresh Queries in parallel: The parallel data provider refresh feature now offers support for various BEx queries, and its new settings have now been added in the Central Manageme made available for Web Intelligence application. Now, users who are working with Web Intelligence in reports can use BI Commentary for collaboration.

4. Geo Maps and Visual Extensions: Nice looking and dashboards that are very interactive can be developed by using google maps or ESRI maps. Any map that has a URL can be now utilized to cross geospatial information and to our own data.

5. Direct Access to SAP HANA Views: Now software developers can directly access information views on a SAP HANA system without the need to first create a universe. In addition, they can create queries on HANA views and benefit from the speed and power of HANA.

Benefits of SAP Webi

There are many benefits of SAP Webi and some of them are:

1. SAP Webi comes with a widened user autonomy.

2. SAP Webi presents more simplified access to data.

3. SAP Webi completely brings new insights into data.

4. SAP Webi brings about more enhanced productivity and efficiency into the organization.

5. SAP Webi has a powerful report sharing capabilities. 

SAP Webi Course Outline

SAP Webi - Introduction

SAP Webi - Overview

SAP Webi - BI Launchpad

SAP Webi - BI Preferences

SAP Webi - Application Modes

SAP Webi - Creating Documents

SAP Webi - Managing Reports

SAP Webi - Using Queries

SAP Webi - Queries Using Universe

SAP Webi - Queries Using Bex

SAP Webi - Query Filters

SAP Webi - Query Filter Types

SAP Webi - Ranking Data

SAP Webi - Working With Reports

SAP Webi - Breaks

SAP Webi - Sorts

SAP Webi - Charts

SAP Webi - Conditional Formatting

SAP Webi - Filtering Report Data

SAP Webi - Input Controls

SAP Webi - Formulas and Variables

SAP Webi - Drill Options in Reports

SAP Webi - Sharing Reports

SAP Webi - Merge Dimension

SAP Webi - Video Lectures 

SAP Webi - Exams and Certification

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