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SASS Course And Certification

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What is SASS?

SASS which is the acronym for Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets is a CSS pre-processor that allows you to use variables, mathematical operations, loops, mixins, imports, functions and other interesting features that makes writing CSS styles much more powerful. 

In some ways, you may think of SASS as a style sheet extension language simply because it extends the regular CSS characteristics by bringing up the functions and benefits of a basic programming language. So SASS would compile your code and generate the CSS output that a browser can understand.

Features of SASS

There are lots of features of SASS, and some of them are:

1. SASS is more powerful, stable and compatible with all the versions of CSS.

2. SASS is a superset of CSS and it is based on JavaScript.

3. SASS is well known and referred to as syntactic sugar for CSS, which means that it makes for an easier way for the user to read or express things way more clearly.

4. SASS makes uses its own syntax and compiles its code to readable and regular CSS.

5. You can easily write CSS styles in less code and with lesser development time.

6. SASS is an open-source pre-processor, that is interpreted into regular CSS.

Benefits of using SASS

There are lots of benefits of using SASS and some of them are:

1. It is CSS syntax friendly: If you already know CSS, you would know SASS. SASS comes bundled together with two different syntaxes: SASS itself and SCSS, which is the most used one. SCSS syntax is CSS compatible, so you would just have to rename your .css file into .scss boom! You have just created your first SCSS file, just like that.

2. SASS offers variables for whatever you want: One of the awesome benefits of using a CSS pre-processor such as SASS is the ability to make use of variables. A variable in SASS allows you to store several values or a set of values, and to reuse these variables throughout your SASS files as many times as you want and wherever you want. powerful, Easy, and useful.

3. SASS makes use of nested syntax: Another awesome benefit of CSS pre-processors is highly improved syntax. SASS generally allows you to use a nested syntax, which is SASS code contained within another piece of code that carries out a broader function. In SASS, nesting styles allow for a much cleaner way of targeting elements. In other words, you can nest your HTML elements styles by using CSS selectors.

4. It includes mixins: Using variables is great but what if you have blocks of code repeating in your style sheet more than once? That is when mixins come into play. Mixins are like functions in other programming languages. SASS mixins return a value or an array of values and they can also take parameters that includes default values. Itis important to note that SASS also has functions, so you should not confuse a mixin with a function.

5. SASS has a very large community and it is well documented: Another benefit of using SASS is the huge amount of documentation that is available online. 

Why Study SASS

1. Increase Your Knowledge on Advanced Styling.

2. Job Opportunities and Career Advancement.

3. Increase Your Earning Potential.

4. Become a SASS and Front-End Professional.

5. Be in Demand and Command High Pay.

6. Self-Employment Opportunities and Consultancy.

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about SASS with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge and competence.  

SASS Course Outline:

Sass - Introduction - Overview

Sass - Installation

Sass - Syntax

Sass - Usage

Sass - CSS Extensions

Sass - Comments

Sass - Script

Sass - @Rules and Directives

Sass - Control Directives & Expressions

Sass - Mixin Directives

Sass - Function Directives

Sass - Output Style

Sass - Extending Sass

Sass - Video Lectures

Sass - Exams and Certification

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