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Social Media Marketing Course And Certification

Social Media Marketing Course, Social Media Marketing Certificate, Social Media Marketing Training, free social media marketing training, learn social media marketing online. 

What is Social Media Marketing? 

Social Media Marketing is the act of driving website traffic through social media platforms. 

Social Media Platforms include: 





Google+, etc. 

The introduction of Social Media initially started off with a platform known as sixdegrees.com. Before the introduction and development of Social Media, we had instant messaging clients such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ and AIM by AOL.

We also had relay chat clients such as IRC, iChat or Chat Television. Sixdegrees.com was the first online social site that was created for networking, and connecting people using their real identity like names, email, age etc.

Social Media was first experienced in 1979 on the platform Usernets, the modern day social media sites came into practice in the 2000s. Some other social media platforms are video-based and they are Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion. Likewise, these social media offers platform for free and paid registrations in some cases. 

Advantages of Social Media Marketing: 

The advantages of social media marketing are numerous, some of which are: 

1. It helps to create brand awareness and recognition.

2. It helps to generate conversation around your brand or products/services.

3. It helps to connect with your true audience through social engagements.

4. It helps to tell the story of your brand. 

5. It helps to gather data from audience research for marketing improvement.

6. It helps to provide exceptional customer service that improves customer satisfaction.

7. It builds customer loyalty.

8. It boost customer patronage.

9. It offers both direct and indirect referral traffic to your site or blog.

10. It generates both organic and paid traffic.

11. It offers link building.

12. It's more affordable compare to other forms of online marketing.

13. It offers higher conversion rate.

14. It improves brand authority.

15. It helps to keep your users and customers up to date. 

Advantages of Studying Social Media Marketing: 

1. It helps to understand the social media market place, in order to build strategy, plan and execute effective online campaigns.

2. To be a professional in social media marketing by generating more revenue for organizations.

3. To understand where social media sites falls in the marketing landscape and how best to use them in corporate marketing. 

4. Studying social media marketing makes you flexible, versatile and job ready for online marketing positions. 

5. Social Media Marketing is a powerful channel of marketing that gives a great boost to businesses ROI- return on investment.

6. It provides self-employment opportunity. 

Types of Social Media: 

1. Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

2. Bookmarking Sites such as Stumble Upon

3. Social News

4. Media Sharing

5. Microblogging

6. Blog Comments and Forums

Facebook which is the number one Social Media Network was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004. It is no doubt the most popular social media site of all time. According to a study, Social Media is without any argument, a platform where people from different backgrounds and cultures can meet, interact and share views and even make businesses and networking. 

In our study some social sites focus on pictures, platforms like Pinterest, Picasa, Flickr and Picmonkey exist for captivating image formatting. Pictures and Videos create clearer understandings in the minds of users and can create potential customers.

Social Media Marketing is now the new main stream for marketing after Search Engine Marketing because businesses now use online social sites to reach billions of users to advertise their products and services and keep their users informed on latest updates. These platforms are now where many today's businesses thrive, and if you are not leveraging social media sites for your business and services, you will eventually loose out on connections with your current and potential customers. 

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Social Media Strategy including how to professionally drive traffic from Social Media Sites to your websites, blogs, products or services. You will learn how to engage users and prospects on social media and keep them up to date. 

To choose the right Social Media Strategy for your business and create awareness, you need to set a clear and well defined advertisment goals and objectives in order to really give a great boost to your business return on investment.

You will learn how to create a Facebook Page, Fan Pages etc. and how to use Facebook Adverts and other social media networks. 

You will learn how to create successful campaigns to build brand awareness and traffic which help us to control the amount we spend on each audience, decide who and when to see your ads with pictures, videos etc. Also in Twitter, by using the hash tags, it makes it easier to share and find information, and we can also sponsor our hash tags. 

Creating marketing campaigns becomes easy through High Engagement Activities, Content Strategy, Social Contests, Social media outreach and brand awareness. Using video marketing such as YouTube to let you upload, view and share videos.

You will learn how to achieve optimum reach, using Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other platforms by setting strong strategy goals and working towards achieving them. 

You will also learn how to use social media for branding, hold a contests or event or carnival, write as a guest blogger and actively comment on others post to get more exposure. Enable XML site feed to let more people subscribe to your content. 

You will become a competent Social Media Marketing Manager with Diploma Certificate to document your knowledge and competence. 

Social Media Marketing Course Outline: 

Social Media Marketing - Introduction

Social Media Marketing - Facebook Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Twitter Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Linkedin Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Google+ Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Instagram Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Pinterest

Social Media Marketing - Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing - Social Bookmarking

Social Media Marketing - Image Optimization

Social Media Marketing - Blogging

Social Media Marketing - Business Branding

Social Media Marketing - Personal Branding

Social Media Marketing - Metric and ROI

Social Media Marketing - Social Media Analysis

Social Media Marketing - Monitoring Accounts

Social Media Marketing - Metric and ROI

Social Media Marketing - Analytics

Social Media Marketing - Best Practices 

Social Media Marketing - How to Build a Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing - How to Become a Social Media Marketing Expert

Social Media Marketing - Video Guide

Social Media Marketing - Exams and Certification

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