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Vue.JS Course And Certification

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What is Vue.JS

Vue.JS is an MIT-licensed open source javascript framework for bulding user interface and single-page applications. Vue.js is basically a JavaScript web framework with several optional tools for developing user interfaces.

Software developers use several tools and techniques for launching successful Mobile and Web applications to ensure that applications run faster, look more attractive and are user-friendly. Vue.js is one of these new software technologies that are widely employed around the world for seamless web application development. 

Features Of Vue.js

There are lots of features of Vue.js, and some of them are:

1. Virtual DOM: Vue.js makes use of a virtual DOM. Virtual DOM is, basically, a clone of the original DOM element that takes in every change that is intended for the DOM and is out in the form of JavaScript data structures.

2. Data Binding: This feature of Vue.js helps you to manipulate or assign data values to HTML attributes, modify the style, designate and assign classes with the help of a data binding directive known as v-bind that is available with VueJS.

3. Template: As already mentioned earlier, It Vue.js offers HTML-based templates that bind together the DOM with the Vue.js instance data.

4. Computed Properties: A computed property is one of the very important features of Vue.js. It helps us to listen to the changes that are made to the UI elements and carry out the necessary logic so there is no need for optional coding for this.

5. Methods: Methods are used when we want to change the state of a component or when an event has happened that is not necessarily related to the instance data which is being mutated.

Benefits of Vue.js

The following are some of the benefits of making use of Vue.js in web development.

1. Very Small Size: The success of any JavaScript framework mostly depends on its size. The smaller the size is, the more it will be used. One of the greatest benefits of Vue.js is its small size. The size of this framework is around 18 to 21KB and it takes no time for the user to download and use it.

2. Vue.js Is Easy to Understand and Develop Applications: One of the reasons for the popularity of Vue.js is that it is quite easy to understand. The developer can just easily add Vue.js to his web project because of its simple structure.

3. Simple Integration: Vue.js is also very popular in web development because it lets developers integrate it into existing applications. This is because it is completely based on a JavaScript framework and can be integrated into other software applications that are built on JavaScript.

4. Detailed Documentation: Developers always like to make use of a framework with detailed documentation because it is always very easy for them to write their first application with it. The documentation with Vue.js is very comprehensive that any user who knows a little about JavaScript and HTML can develop his own application or web page using it.

5. Two-Way Communication: Vue.js also allows for two-way communications because of its MVVM design architecture which makes it very easy to handle HTML blocks.

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