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UI/UX Design Course And Certification

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What is UI/UX Design? 

UI/UX Design is the process of creating and designing the display elements and interface components of a website or app for better user experience.   

Before we go to what Web UI/UX Design is in details, we would first start off with some basic definitions to ease your initial confusion and give you meaning to some context before we dive deeper. 

Web Design: This is a broad umbrella category for everything that are related to the designing of visuals and also the usability and interactivity of a website. Both UI and UX design, together with several other fields, are included in the web design whole.

Web Development: This is the technical part of developing a website, and it is next to entirely focused on code. Web development is also divided into two sections which is referred to as front-end and back-end.

User Interface (UI): This is all areas of web design which concerns the display and controls that people make use of to interact with a website or an app. Such as buttons, toggle displays, swipe displays and other gesture controls.

User Experience (UX): This is the end-result or goal of user interface which is known as User experience. User Experience is the level of comfort and convenience your users enjoy while using your website or web app. 

Now, with the above explanation we can say that Web UI/UX Design is simply the process of creating and designing how a material or element on the web would be displayed to the user, such as designing buttons, pills, forms, navigatiions, toggles and other web components to enhance user experience.

Features and Characteristics Of Web UI/UX Design

There are lots of Features and Characteristics of Web UI/UX Design, and some of them are:

1. Clarity: Clarity is perhaps the most important element of a user interface in web design. Indeed, the entire purpose of developing user interface design is to allow people to make use of your system by communicating both meaning and function. If the people who are using it can’t find out how your application works or where to go on your website, if they are like me, they would get confused and frustrated and just leave the site.

2. Concise: Clarity in a user interface design is awesome, but, you should also be careful not to fall into the trap of over-simplifying the UI. It is very easy to add definitions and explanations to every component, but if you do that every time you add mass. Your User Interface would start growing exponentially. Add too many explanations and your users will have to spend too much otf their time reading through them, am sure that most of us would not want that.

3. Responsive: Responsiveness in a UI would mean a number of things. First of all, responsiveness means fast. The User Interface, if not the logic behind it, should be blazingly fast. It is very fraustrating to wait for things to load and making use of laggy and slow User Interfaces is also frustrating. 

4. Efficient: A user interface is the vehicle that takes you to places. Those places are the different sections and functions of the website. A good User Interface should let you to carry out important functions faster and with less effort and time spent on it. 

5. Simplicity: In all your designs, always remember to keep things simple and straight forward. Complicating your UI design will annoy your users and you will loose them in no time. 

Benefits Of A Well-Designed Web UI/UX Design?

There are lots of benefits that is gained from a well designed Web User Interface Design, and some of them are:

1. Acquisition of new customers to your business or brand.

2. Increased customer engagement and retention.

3. Lower cost of development.

4. Lower costs for customer support service.

5. You would notice a greatly increased productivity rate.

6. Higher return on investment.

Why Study Web UI/UX Design 

1. Become a professional front-end and UI/UX designer

2. Understand web graphics and creatives

3. It offers a lot of job opportunities

4. For career advancement

5. Self-employment opportunities

6. Enrich your CV and increase your earning potential

Web UI/UX Design Course Outline:


2. UX & UI

What Web UI Is...And Isn’t

Seeing UI in Action

Why We Build UI Instead of UX

How UI Shapes UX

The UX of Learning UX


Personas: Your Imaginary Best Friends

User Scenarios: Simulations for Better UI

Prioritizing Top Tasks: Have Others Do It For You

Plunging Ahead with a Plan


Creating Visual Organization

Selecting & Applying UI Patterns



The Essence of Interface

Input Controls



Default Settings

Guided Actions

Visual Clarity & Language Clarity

MAYA Principle



Visual Principles

Style Guides



Why Committes Don’t Work

Mood Boards

Design Studio Exercise

Turning Ideas Into Reality

No designer is an island 



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