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Windows OS Course And Certification

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What is Windows OS?

Windows OS (Operating System) is a computing operating software that manages computer hardware operations and resources developed by Microsoft. Each version of Windows comes with a graphical user interface (GUI), with a desktop that lets its users read and write files and folders in Windows. For the past twenty years, Microsoft Windows has been the most widely used operating system for both personal computers PCs and Mobile Devices.

An Operating System (OS) is a system software program designed and developed to manage computer hardware operations, allocate software resources and provide access to common computing services. 

Microsoft Windows OS is designed and developed to run on the standard x86 hardware, such as the Intel and AMD processors. Therefore, the windows operating system can be installed on multiple brands of hardware, such as Dell, HP, and Sony computers, as well as home-built PCs and mobile phones. It also comes with several features for touchscreen, that allow the OS to run on several tablets and computers with touchscreen displays. Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone, is designed specifically for mobile smartphones and runs on several brands of phones, including HTC, Nokia and Samsung. 

Versions Of Windows OS

The Microsoft Windows Operating System is designed for both home computing, mobile devices and professional purposes. 

Current and Past Versions of Windows OS include:

1. Windows 3.0 (1990 edition),

2. Windows 3.1 (1992 edition),

3. Windows 95 (1995 edition),

4. Windows 98 (1998 edition),

5. Windows Me (2000 edition),

6. Windows XP (2001 edition), and

7. Windows Vista (2006 edition),

8. Windows 7 (2009 edition)

9. Windows 8

10. Windows 10

Features Of Windows OS

Some of the features of the Windows operating systems include:

1. The Windows Operating System has various user accounts permission that includes protected and supervisor mode with guests mode.

2. The Windows Operating System allows you access to disks and file systems, Device drivers Networking Security and a whole lot of other features.

3. Program Execution

4. Memory management Virtual Memory Multitasking

5. Handling I/O operations

6. Manipulation of the file system

7. Error Detection and handling

8. Resource allocation

9. Information and Resource Protection

Benefits Of Windows OS

There are lots of benefits of the Windows Operating System.

1. Ease of Use: Users that are familiar with earlier versions of Windows will probably also find the more modern versions easy to work with. This is justified from the standardized look and feel of almost all programs that are written for Windows to the way the file system. This is one of the main reasons why Windows users are mostly hesitant to switch their operating systems.

2. Available Software: There is a huge availability of software that is available for the Windows Operating System. This is one of the major reasons for Microsoft's dominance of the world market for PC computer operating systems and office software.

3. Backward Compatibility: If you're presently using an older version of Windows and need something more up to date, but you don't want to lose the use of some older programs and files that are only made available for Windows and are critical to your marketing needs, the possibilities are high that those software programs will also work with a newer version of the Windows Operating System. 

4. Support for New Hardware: Practically all hardware companies will offer support for a newer version of the Windows OS when they go to market a new product. Again, Microsoft's current and hudge dominance of the software market makes Windows Operating System impossible for hardware manufacturers to ignore.

5. Games: If you are someone who desires the latest in PC gaming technology, then you need Windows. A large number of gaming titles are made available for Windows, as well as lots of special gaming hardware that's are supported by windows.

Elements Of Windows OS

The following is the noticeable elements of the Windows Operating System (WOS) −

1. Graphical User Interface

2. Icons (pictures, documents, application, program icons, etc.)

3. Taskbar

4. Start Button

5. Windows Explorer

6. Mouse Button

7. Hardware Compatibility

8. Software Compatibility

9. Help File etc.

Windows OS Course Outline

Windows OS - Introduction

Windows OS - Windows Basics

Windows OS - Windows 10

Windows OS - Windows 8

Windows OS - Windows 7

Windows OS - Windows XP

Windows OS - Windows 98

Windows OS - Video Lectures

Windows OS - Exams And Certification

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