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Tips to smoothly settle in your new student accommodation

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia in Australia. This city has gained fame for different reasons one of which is higher education. Many international students also come to this city to acquire a university education.

Adelaide city


For international students who come to Adelaide, there are some amazing places for accommodation. With these accommodations, students find a wide range of amenities for their fun, entertainment, studies, dining, fitness, etc.

It is a known fact that students find ample arrangements for their fun and entertainment in the accommodation complexes as well as in accommodation units in Adelaide. So, students can spend quality time in the complexes and units of their student accommodation Adelaide.

Below, you will read about some of the fun activities students can enjoy in the accommodation properties in this city.

In-House Cinemas

International students like to enjoy visiting cinemas in Adelaide. They can spare their time to visit cinemas in Adelaide. But, interestingly, they can enjoy a cinema in their accommodation complexes also. There are in-house cinemas available in many student accommodation complexes in Adelaide.

So, students who are so busy with their studies that they can’t visit cinemas in the city can enjoy it in their accommodation complexes. The other ones can also visit the in- house cinemas to have entertainment inside their complexes.

Games Rooms

Games like pool and table tennis are also great sources of fun for students. Therefore, many student complexes in Adelaide have games rooms. In these rooms, residents can enjoy playing friendly matches with their fellow residents.

These rooms also give an opportunity to students to make new friends. Students meet new residents there every day. They can play games with them, talk to them, and befriend them. Besides, it is also a good opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Fun in Common Area

Making new friends and having fun with them is also a great source of enjoyment without any second thought. There is a huge scope for making new friends in the student properties in Adelaide. Most of the complexes in the city have their common areas. The common areas are the best sources to meet new people and have fun with them.

There are two types of common areas in the properties – the common areas outside the residences and the common areas inside the apartments. In the common areas outside the residences, students living in different houses and rooms can meet each other, befriend each other, and have fun with each other. The common areas inside the apartments are the areas like lounges and kitchens.

Multiple students live in different rooms in apartments. One or two students stay in one room. In the lounge, students living in different rooms in the same apartment can meet each other and have fun with each other.


Most of the student residences in Adelaide have televisions. So, students can get good entertainment while staying in their residences. They can watch TV serials, music shows, sports programs, discovery programs, devotional programs, news, and more. So, they can have entertainment and information through the television. Some residences may also have smart TVs. So, students can also watch web series, movies, etc. on OTT platforms.

Wi-Fi Internet Connection

The internet feature can be counted under different categories. With the internet, you can solve a variety of purposes such as communication, studies, information search, online shopping, entertainment, etc. There is no doubt that it is a great source of entertainment. With high speed internet there will be no interruption in your study and you will be able to do your course smoothly. 

You watch OTT platforms through the internet on your smart TV. Besides, there are a lot of websites where you can watch videos and listen to audios. On YouTube, you can find several entertainment videos that you can enjoy. There are many other video hosting websites, which are the perfect sources of entertainment. The social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are also the ideal sources of fun and entertainment.

Therefore, most of the student accommodations in Adelaide are equipped with a Wi-Fi internet connection. In most of the properties, it is inclusive of the bill, and you are required to pay the bill amount as per your usage.


Some people will not count it under fun activities but it cannot be denied that enjoying grilled food prepared on BBQ is also considered fun by many youngsters. BBQ can be found in many accommodation properties in Adelaide so grilled food lovers can enjoy their favorite food.

BBQ at student accommodation in Adelaide

To Sum Up

So, it is for sure that the student properties in Adelaide provide complete fun and entertainment to international students. There is no doubt that staying in the accommodation here will become a lifetime memory for you. Apart from them, you will find a lot of fun and entertainment in Adelaide city also without any second thought.

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