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10 Effective Assignment Writing Tips to Get Better Marks

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Working hard but still failing to achieve the desired grades in your assignment writing? Well, it is the one thing that is common in most students. And we understand how frustrating this can be. The students have a perception that this is due to the complexity of the assignments. However, it might not be the case sometimes.

Do you know why you may not be getting good grades despite putting in effort? This is because you lack assignment writing skills. This might sound a little bitter, but it is actually the truth. Assignment writing is very complex. Thus, it requires proper skills and knowledge.

Now, you might be wondering how to achieve good grades if you lack such skills. Well, do not worry at all. This guide will become your savior in getting better marks in assignment writing. Here, we will explore 10 effective assignment writing tips. So, do read the blog till the end.


Top 10 Assignment Writing Tips for Getting A+ Grades

As you know, assignment writing is an art. And not every student is an artist. Well, at least we are not. (Pun intended). Thus, to get A+ grades, you need to know certain assignment writing tips and tricks. And that's what we are going to discuss throughout this guide. Now, let us move on to these tips.

1. Understand What Exactly You Need to Do

Just thinking of assignment writing usually sends a shiver down your spine. Isn't it? Well, not anymore. Knowing what you need to do will make your assignment writing process much more fun and more manageable.

So, before you start, ensure you know your topic. Furthermore, make sure to read the guidelines and requirements of your assignments. We know most students think of "go with the flow" when writing assignments. This approach is not bad. But, if you properly understand your work, it can save you from many problems, especially from the wrath of your teachers.

2. Plan Your Time Well

You all have at least once in your life thought that a day should have more than 24 hrs so that you can get your important things done. And even though it is actually quite not possible. You can still use the 24 hrs to its full potential and write good assignments.

Wondering how so? Well, just plan your time. As soon as you are assigned your assignment writing project, create a schedule of how you are going to complete it. Make sure that your schedule matches with the deadline.

Furthermore, don't procrastinate. We know it will be quite tempting for you to leave your assignments for the last moment. But, for your own sanity, don't, as it will not get you anywhere. Always start as early as possible.

3. First Research, Then Move Forward

Many students believe in the 'just swing it" approach when assignment writing. Well, it might be okay if you have good writing skills. But, for those lacking these skills, this approach can create obstacles during your writing.

Thus, before starting your assignment writing process, make sure to conduct proper research. Check every book and journal for pre-existing knowledge. In fact, we will advise you to note the key points in your notebook. This way you will be able to write your assignments with more ease.

4. Craft A Solid Introduction

Introduction is the first thing that your readers are going to skim through. Imagine your introduction contains irrelevant information. Now, would your readers want to continue further? The answer is no!

Thus, to grab your reader's attention, make sure to craft a solid introduction. A word of advice: Keep your introduction short, simple, and concise. Don't exaggerate. Moreover, use engaging yet easy-to-understand words. Lastly, don't forget to create a compelling thesis statement.

5. Avoid Using In-Appropriate Words

We know you might have the urge to use words like "damn, that was dope", or other slang words to make your work fun and appealing. But, honestly, this will only disappoint your readers.

Remember, this is your formal assignment and not a convo with your best friend, so make sure to avoid slang and inappropriate words during assignment writing. You can use anecdotes and quotes, but make sure they relate to your assignments. Always use a formal tone.

6. Stick To The Word Count

Word count matters when assignment writing. Sometimes, students tend to overdo it during the assignment writing process. They think by writing extra words, they can impress the professors. But, honestly, that's the worst mistake students can make. So, even if you are tempted to increase the length of your assignment, don't. Just stick to the word count!

7. Proofread Your Work

Want to make your assignments flawless? Furthermore, do you want to make sure that your work is worth reading? Well, then, proofreading is the key! So, after you are done with your assignment writing, don't be in a hurry. Sit back, relax, and start reading your assignment aloud.

Make sure whatever you have written sounds appealing to the readers. Moreover, do not forget to check the sentence structure as poorly constructed paragraphs can make the readers disinterested in your work. Now, would you want that? Obviously no!

Another great thing you can do is get help from services like Essay Writers Dubai. They will make your assignment writing and editing process a piece of cake.

8. Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the nuisance of the assignment writing process. It can get your work canceled. Furthermore, there are many universities that might even cancel your admission on this basis. Shocking news, isn't it? Therefore, if you want to be safe from such consequences, ensure your work is completely plagiarism-free.
Also, if you take information from other's work, put your own spin on it. Moreover, there are many tools that can help you in detecting plagiarism. So, use them!

9. Cite Your Work

Want to make a good impact on your professors and get A+ grades on your assignments? Well, then, do not forget to add citations after you are done with assignment writing. A pro tip: Ensure these references are from the correct sources.

10. Get Feedback Before Making Submission

Getting a second opinion after you are done with your assignment writing process is the best thing you can do. So, what are you waiting for? After you have completed your assignment, ask your friends, family, and peers to go through your work. Furthermore, ask them to provide feedback. This way, you will have room for improvising.


Students put their heart and soul into creating their assignments. Thus, they dream of getting good grades in them. But, to be honest, it is not that easy. Assignment writing requires certain skills that make your work flawless. But fret not! You can easily get your wish granted by following the effective assignment writing tips mentioned above.

Obviously, you are not going to develop amazing assignment writing skills overnight through these tips. But you can still make your work engaging and error-free. Well, that is not too bad. So, do follow the top 10 tips mentioned in this guide.

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