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Accessible IVF Treatment at Affordable Cost by Ortil in India:

IVF is a procedure for couples who face problems due to fertility issues. Ortil is a platform which is providing IVF treatment in India. In the IVF procedure, the egg is obtained from the female ovaries and then fertilized with the sperm in the laboratory setting. Then the fertilized egg is placed inside the uterus of woman for the development and growth. IVF treatment cost in India is affordable as compared to many other Western countries. The IVF treatment cost in India ranges from 1320 USD to 4800 USD per cycle. This cost includes consultation fees, medications for preparation, ultrasound scans, egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo transfer, and care after the IVF procedure. However, the cost can vary if more advanced techniques, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) or preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), are required. It is not always a success after each cycle of IVF treatment. Some women get 3 to 4 rounds of IVF cycle to get pregnant. 

Ortil and IVF Treatment Cost in India: Many couples travel to India for the treatment of IVF within the affordable ranges. Ortil provides IVF treatment at an affordable cost in India for couples facing infertility issues. Ortil connects them from different countries to experts and specialists in India and provides a range of facilities which includes personalized care, visa assistance, emergency services, care after the procedure, and communication 24/7. Ortil provides you an opportunity to connect with healthcare specialists about your problems at any time. It offers the best IVF treatment costs from different cities in India. Ortil is well-equipped to support couples in discovering optimal treatment centers for the IVF journey. 

Factors affecting IVF Treatment Cost in India: IVF Treatment costs can be different for each patient. Several factors can affect the IVF Treatment cost in India. The cost can vary according to the medical history of the patient. It can also affect according to the age of women and the infertility issue. Ortil provides each patient with a medical specialist who gives customized treatment according to the needs of patients. Many fertility specialists in India offer package deals that include multiple IVF cycles that increase the chances of success. These packages can range from 3000 USD to 7200 USD. The cost can be lower for couples who want to use their egg and sperm in the IVF procedure. 

Success Rate of IVF in India: The chances of success in IVF are approximately 50% for women under 35. The chance of success decreases as the age increases. Couples must understand that IVF success depends on various factors which may include age, the health of the uterus of women at the time of IVF, ovarian reserve or quality eggs, the quality of the sperm of the male, and some other biological and hormonal conditions. A comprehensive evaluation of the situation of the couple is essential to choose the best treatment. Consulting with a fertility specialist helps uncover the underlying causes of infertility. Globally, the average success rate for a single IVF cycle is approximately 35%.

After undergoing IVF, couples can experience a range of outcomes. A successful IVF cycle may result in pregnancy. Unfortunately, not every cycle leads to pregnancy, and factors like embryo quality contribute to unsuccessful attempts. The emotional impact of IVF can be challenging and it requires emotional support. Open communication with fertility specialists and emotional support from loved ones is part of IVF treatment.

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