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It's likely that if you've been on social media at all recently, you've heard about Cider, whether it was via targeted advertisements, Tiktok, or your favorite Instagram influencers posing in that ever-popular and attractive orange sweater. This has nothing to do with the seasonal hot apple beverage. Nonetheless, it, too, has its fans.

Cider appeared to come out of nowhere, and you couldn't browse without seeing fresh hauls. With inexpensive costs and innovative designs, young women flocked to this company, and their social media presence soared (currently over 2m IG followers).

You won't find many shop cider clothing reviews on TikTok. So here's my no-frills Cider apparel review from a discerning shopper. Discount available on cider coupon code.


No. They don't take your money, send you bogus clothes, or hold down your purchase. So far, no. My experience with the clothes business was straightforward. Hours spent online. Out-of-budget shopping cart. Spend more time reducing. Pay. Quickly get my clothing.


I'm older than the intended population (Gen Z), yet I still get tailored ads. I'm human. I started seeing cute tweed ensembles on my Instagram stories and was curious.

I visited their website and saw more interesting designs I hadn't seen before. A steal! Good evaluations from customers. I kept examining these things and gave up.

Free delivery on $49+ purchases. I followed the size chart to avoid buying clothes that were too tiny.


I adore the inexpensive styles. They have specific-style collections, called drops. You'll discover 2 (or 20) products you love whether you're "feeling sophisticated" or "feeling vintage." shop cider clothing these goods made me swoon.


Since my motherhood and my internet company both necessitate me being at home pretty much constantly, I am always on the lookout for stylish but practical attire that I can wear while working from home. I was drawn to this outfit because of its trendy neutral color palette and soft knit construction.

It wasn't a huge success, unfortunately. The cardigan's buttons didn't line up perfectly, but that's not a deal breaker as it can be worn open. The crotch of the shorts had a peculiar bubble protrusion, and the overall fit was off. It could just be me, but except that, it was adorable and cozy!


I thought this sweater vest would be perfect as a bridge from spring to summer. The same problem with the button closure not lying flat persisted. Although it didn't seem restrictive, I can see why the model is showing off her curves in it.

In the summer shop cider clothing, you might wear this open over a bikini with denim shorts, red cat-eye sunglasses, and a straw purse for a French girl vibe.


There were a few loose threads, but other than that, the material appeared fine, and it wouldn't be see-through even without any underwear. The fit and comfort were great, but what really sold me was the cool factor.


This ensemble is almost perfect in every way and is absolutely adorable. The ensemble is so adorable that you may be willing to ignore the fact that the tank top is scratchy and the buttons are misaligned.

I found the crotch area to be a little loose, but if you plan on just wearing the shorts around the house, this may not be a problem. One of my favorite things about this combination is that you can wear the top alone with jeans for a sophisticated and fashionable appearance.


I'm fairly sure the letter "C" is supposed to be the first letter of their store's name, but I'm going to imagine it stands for "Carolyn" and "chic" anyhow. Wow, that's an adorable little thing!

The beanie fits a touch snug, but I expect it to loosen up with use. It also seems to be nicely built.

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Not exactly, that's for sure. This is a straightforward evaluation since, as I said, I have high standards when it comes to shop cider clothing. The vast bulk of my purchase was either missing essential components or didn't fit well. I didn't even foresee myself trying to button a new pair of jeans for the first time and having the button fall off.

Even though I bought the right size, the button closure on most of my sweaters wouldn't lie flat. However, despite appearances, it was not tight enough to be pulled apart by a single finger. And the crotch on several of the shorts was really wrong.

Even yet, I wouldn't say that everything went wrong. You get what you pay for, as the old adage goes. The higher-priced goods I purchased really turned out to be rather wonderful.


When compared to other fast-fashion businesses, their approach is novel. They are dedicated to the pre-order model shop cider clothing, which means that if you "preorder products," production won't begin on your purchase until you've completed full payment. The goal here is to slow down the fast fashion industry's penchant for mass production and waste.


Despite being a Hong Kong label, shipping to the United States is quick and easy. My purchase was delayed, but I was able to get everything sorted out with the aid of customer care.

This can be the perfect spot for you if you're on a tight budget, want stylish items on shop cider clothing, and aren't too particular about quality and fit. The store is great for picking up something special for an upcoming event or a few of new, fashionable pieces, but I wouldn't recommend making it your go-to for everyday shopping.

Therefore, this is hardly a completely negative assessment. Both the new things and the discounts are attractive. You should realize that the quality is poor on certain components, so you shouldn't expect the world from them.



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