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Data and AI at work in Pubs, Clubs and Hospitality

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Like all other industries, AI has revolutionized the way pubs, clubs and hospitality is delivering service, engaging with customers, and improving efficiency. When you’re having a great time in a pub or club, the last thing you want is wait to long for a drink or get everyone’s attention except the bartender for that next round of drinks.

Establishment owners and managers understand too how it can be frustrating to get service and get drinks on busy nights. In order to address this, they’ve realized the value of AI.

Ordering Drinks at the Table

Modern clubs understand the value of making sure each guest and client have a drink all the time. This ensures they’re having a good time and will come back. And on busy nights, we all know how it can take a while for service staff and bartender to get us our drink. Now, select facilities have to enable ordering systems on tables. Clients can order their drinks and bottles through a tablet or screen at the table, monitor and see how long it will take for their drinks to be done and served. This manages expectations too and provides a win-win scenario for both guests and service.

With the system, the margin of error such us wrong drinks or wrong delivery can be avoided, an important cost efficiency measure for operations.

Promoting Specials

With each tap-on-the-table ordering system, AI is at work and predicting the possibility of the next orders and when based on ordering pace. Now, it can start suggesting and pushing specials on the screen. A good opportunity to encourage more drinks or upsell more expensive bottles or food to go with drinks. This enhances both the customer experience with efficient service and potentially improves covers and revenue with suggestive selling.

Engaging with members and regulars

For clubs with memberships, AI enables marketers and operations managers to get to know their customers better, understand their preferences, and have the opportunity to develop offers and specials that will resonate with them. This is useful not only in promoting drinks but also in developing events. If clients are more interested in certain DJs or performers, they can get communication on when their favorite DJs are performing, and if their favorite bottle of whiskey or gin goes on promotion they will be the first to know. These are just some examples of how AI can improve customer profiling and personalizing an experience.

Inventory System

AI in clubs and pubs is not only improving the customer experience but also helping in the management of operations. AI is now integrated into the inventory systems, especially for bottles which have always been a challenge considering the pouring ones.

Now inventory is done automatically, alerts are integrated to let procurement know when it’s time to reorder certain bottles and when a certain brand is not moving from the shelves and must be pushed to the floor. This way spoilage and wastage are avoided.

There are so much more possibilities AI can do for the pubs and clubs. Check out 5 ways AI is shaping the pub and club experiences to know more about how you can leverage AI in the pub, club, and hospitality operation, marketing, front-end, and back-end operations.

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