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Everything You Need to Know About Keno: Rules, Strategies, and Tips


Keno is a popular lottery-style game that can be found in many casinos around the world. In this game, players select a set of numbers from a range of 1 to 80, and then wait for the winning numbers to be drawn. The more numbers that match the winning numbers, the higher the payout.


In this article, we'll discuss the rules, strategies, and tips for playing Keno.


Keno Rules


The rules of game Keno are relatively simple. To play, you must first choose the number of spots you want to play. The term "spot" refers to the number of numbers you wish to select. For example, if you want to select 10 numbers, you would be playing 10 spots.


Once you have chosen your spots, you then need to select your numbers. You can choose any number between 1 and 80, depending on the casino's rules. Some casinos may allow you to select up to 20 numbers, while others may limit you to 10 or fewer.


After you have selected your numbers, the Keno machine will randomly select 20 numbers. The more numbers you match, the higher your payout.


Keno Strategies


Keno is a game of chance, so there is no guaranteed strategy for winning. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to increase your chances of winning.


Play the right number of spots

The number of spots you choose can have a significant impact on your chances of winning. The more spots you play, the lower your chances of winning, but the higher your potential payout. Conversely, the fewer spots you play, the higher your chances of winning, but the lower your potential payout.


Choose your numbers carefully

When choosing your numbers, it's important to remember that Keno is a game of chance. There is no way to predict which numbers will be drawn, so it's essential to choose your numbers based on your gut feeling or lucky numbers.


Play progressive Keno

Some casinos offer progressive Keno, where the jackpot increases each time a player places a bet. Playing progressive Keno can increase your potential payout significantly.


Look for patterns

While there is no way to predict which numbers will be drawn, some players believe that certain patterns can increase their chances of winning. For example, some players choose numbers based on their location on the Keno board.


Keno Tips


Manage your bankroll

It's important to manage your bankroll when playing Keno. Set a budget and stick to it. Don't chase your losses, and don't bet more than you can afford to lose.


Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

Some casinos offer bonuses and promotions for Keno players. Look for these offers and take advantage of them to increase your chances of winning.


Play online Keno

Online Keno offers several advantages over traditional Keno. For example, online Keno games tend to have better odds and higher payouts. Additionally, online Keno allows you to play at your own pace and on your schedule.


Keno Odds


One of the most important things to understand about Keno is the odds. The odds of winning vary depending on the number of spots you play and the casino's payout table. Generally, the more spots you play, the lower the odds of winning, but the higher the potential payout. Conversely, the fewer spots you play, the higher the odds of winning, but the lower the potential payout.


For example, if you play one spot, the odds of hitting it are 1 in 4, but the payout is only 3 to 1. If you play 10 spots, the odds of hitting all 10 are 1 in 8,911,711, but the payout can be as high as 10,000 to 1.


Keno Variations


While the basic rules of Keno are the same across different casinos, there are some variations that you should be aware of. One variation is Super Keno, where players can win a bonus payout if their first number is drawn. Another variation is Power Keno, where players can multiply their winnings by up to 4 times.


Multi-Race Keno is another popular variation, where players can play the same set of numbers for up to 20 consecutive games. This can be a good option for players who want to maximize their chances of winning by playing the same numbers repeatedly.


Keno Etiquette


When playing Keno in a casino, there are some etiquette rules to follow. First, be aware of the minimum bet and payout requirements. Don't ask the dealer to change the payout table or bet limit to suit your preferences.


Second, be aware of your surroundings. Don't talk loudly or distract other players. Keno is a relatively slow-paced game, so it's important to be patient and wait for the results.


Lastly, tip the Keno runner if you win a large payout. It's customary to tip around 5% of your winnings.




Keno is a fun and exciting game that can offer significant payouts if played correctly. Remember to manage your bankroll, choose your numbers carefully, and be aware of the odds and variations of the game. Following these tips and etiquette rules can make your Keno experience more enjoyable and potentially more profitable.

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