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Keep in Mind While Buying a Plots in Noida Sector 117 To Svoid Scams?

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This article is all about the Things that you must keep in mind while buying a plot in 5% Kisan Quota plots in Sector 117 Noida, so that you don’t get cheated. Owning a dream home is one of the major goals of many people in this generation. Plots provide an ample amount of space for your family and to modify the place.

However you may experience some fraud or issues while purchasing the plot in Noida. To overcome the fraud or any inconveniences while buying a plot in Noida sector 117, we here in this article provide you with a few points that you must keep in mind before purchasing any plot in Noida so that you don’t fall in the scams. 

Things that you must keep in mind while buying a plot in Noida to avoid scam

Is the land name on the builder?

The first and the most important question you must ask is if the builder holds legal rights to sell the land. You must find out who is the real owner of the property and who is the builder or someone else. The reason why you should check is because you must know whether the property is fully owned by the builder or is under the joint agreement with the owner and builder.

You must ask for the documents which clearly show that the builder has all the legal rights on the plot. You must make sure that the property is cleared and free of any legal disruptions. 

Has the developer taken a loan for the project?

There is a great possibility that the builder has taken the loan on the name of the building to make it fully developed. This is also great news because it will give you all the amenities and facilities that you are looking for in a plot. The builder is not dependent on your money which shows that the builder is not dedicated towards your project and there will be no further cash issues.

If the bank loan has been offered by the bank this means that the full verification has been done by the bankers and that the property is not biased. 

Whether the land is agricultural or non agricultural?

All the lands in India are basically divided into two categories which are non-agricultural land and agricultural land. If the launch purpose is not defined in the contract or document, then it is considered to be agricultural land. agricultural land can be only used for their agricultural purposes.

If you want to use the land for anything else then you must take the permission from the government and convert that land into that purpose. But you should also keep in mind that if the land is considered as per non-agricultural purpose, then it doesn’t mean that it can be used for the residential purpose.

You must keep the full information about the plot of land you are considering to buy. You must ask your builder or the salesperson if the plot is non agricultural or not and you must have the copy of the documents for proof purposes.

The important thing that you must keep in mind is that many builders will tell you that the agricultural land he is working on will soon be converted into non-agricultural land and he has initiated the process for. You must not fall in that scam as it is a very lengthy process and it will take about 10 to 15 years. 5% Kisan Quota plots in Noida Sector 117 are fully approved and have no such complaints and restrictions. 

What is the floor space index of the plot?

You must be aware about the floor space index of the plot which also states that in how much area you can build your construction. The construction can be done in any piece of land which is approved for construction. You must ensure that the Floor space index or FSI must be at least 100%. FSI plays a very important role while building the plot. FSI for agricultural land is very less as compared to non agricultural land.

What are the other projects built by the builder?

You must ask the builder or salesperson about the other projects they have recently built. By knowing the names of the projects you can check how these projects were done, what was the response of these projects in front of people and what are the legal issues with the project and the builders.

This will give you a brief idea about the builder and its schemes. Search with the other project names and see what others are talking about? You must visit the recent projects that will help you further make the decisions. 

When will the sale deed be built?

Sale deed is the document that is legally registered by the government while purchasing the plot. You must check the sale deed or the agreement to sell when you book the flat or plots in Noida sector 122 and 117.

This is when you pay all the legal charger for the property and when the sale deed is also completed and whether it is safe to use or not. Agreement of sale does not make you the legal buyer of the property with all the terms and conditions mentioned and the payment cleared. 

What are the arrangements of water and other basic amenities?

Always ask about the water and other basic immunity is that you are looking for in the plot for sale in Noida sector 117. Ask the question about the electricity, electricity meter, charges, accessibility to the main and other important parts of the area, builder, about the security and fencing of the plot, and other important details. Also talk to the nearby people to know more about the plots in Noida sector 117. 

Search online for the plot scheme of Authority plots in Noida Sector 105 , Sector 117, Sector 122 you must check for the schemes and other developments in the plots at sector 117, Noida. Always search for the complete information and you can also check the videos on Youtube for the complete information. Negotiate with the builder and other websites. 

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