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Modern House Plans With Large Windows: Why We Love Them

Interior fit out company in London . 

The style, construction, size, and shape of window used in a home's design can significantly impact how it looks and functions. We will highlight why we love modern house plans with large windows. Interior fit out company in London are most well-known for their services in the construction industry; in addition, their prices are more affordable when compared to those of other construction businesses in the United Kingdom.

If you're a fan of our articles or have seen any of our modern home designs, you know we love large windows in our homes here at My Modern Home.

The design, construction, size, and shape of the window in a home significantly impact how it looks and function.

This article will give you a brief history of windows in modern homes and explain why big windows appeal to us.


Large windows, whether a traditional or modern home, are a draw for the eyes. Large windows are not an option in home design. For most of history, window were used for practical purposes, not aesthetic purposes.

The comfort of space was determined by its ability to keep the weather out. It meant that windows in rooms (at least in northern climates) were often small.

The "double windows" allowed windows to grow in size, while warmer interior conditions enabled removing dividing walls. Thus was born the open floor plan.

Window technologies have advanced over the years. Today's highest quality windows "function as integral parts of complex building envelopes, selectively filtering elements of the larger environment." (National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.) Manufacturers continue to develop new technologies that improve windows' ability to control light, sound, and ventilation.

What are the benefits of house plans with big windows?

After we've examined the technological changes that have allowed modern homes to include large windows, it is time to ask the question: Why use large window in your house plan?

Good quality windows can be expensive. Windows aren't as efficient as well-insulated exterior walls. We believe that large windows can be incorporated into modern houses by making allowances in your budget and looking for energy savings. We accept large windows have so many benefits that you will agree with us by the end of this article.


Did you ever think, "Boy, this house would be much more enjoyable if there was less natural light?" If yes, you may be a vampire.

People are attracted to bright, well-lit spaces, especially when the sun shines. This attraction to natural light is partially evolutionary, as humans are diurnal creatures and have lived close to the sun for many millennia. However, it's also practical. Natural light is better for the eyes. It makes it easier and safer to do tasks efficiently and safely. It also makes it easier to see what we are doing and who we're speaking to.

Natural light can also improve mental and physical health (see below). It can also help you save money on your utility bills by decreasing your home's natural gas, heating oil, and electricity consumption. It not only helps the environment but also benefits our pockets.


Many ways to make your home stand out, but large windows are a great selling point for modern homes.

Modern design is best suited for large window. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows can add visual interest to a home's exterior while keeping the contemporary design principles of clean lines and simple design intact.


Large windows are great for modern houses, but floor-to-ceiling window are significant for tiny homes. Because each room appears to extend beyond the exterior walls, floor-to-ceiling windows will make your home seem more compelling.


Large windows provide ample natural light, linked to better mental and physical health.

Studies after studies have shown that adequate natural light can improve our mental and physical well-being.

Natural light can boost vitamin D production, which is crucial for a healthy immune system. It is also vital to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

Not only does it benefit our physical health, but also our mental and emotional well-being. Lack of sunlight can cause us to feel depressed, anxious, and down. The importance of Seasonal Affective Disorder in areas of the world that experience less sunlight in the winter months reminds us of how vital daylight is for our mental well-being.


Although humans have evolved to urban living over the last several thousand years, many millennia's worth of evolutionary forces has linked our psychological and physical systems to a closer relationship with nature. Study after study has shown that being close to the heart can improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The best way to connect with nature at home is to create outdoor living spaces. Even in extremely cold or hot weather, we still want to be connected to nature. The answer is in large windows and courtyard homes.

Large, floor-to-ceiling window allow for natural light. However, strategically placed windows can help us connect to the natural world outside our walls. To take full advantage of the views offered by your lot, put enormous windows in your house. Even if your lot is small, you can still plant and landscape to create nature scapes.

As homeowners seek to increase their natural light and connect with the outside, courtyard home plans are becoming more popular.


You can strategically place large windows to increase passive solar heat gain or to expel heat from your home.

Windows can heat your house passively by capturing the sun's heat and spreading it throughout your home. You can use passive heat in colder climates by working with a designer. Large windows are strategically placed in your floorplan to harness the sun's movement to heat your home.

Modern house plans with large window can effectively expel heat and keep homes more relaxed in hot environments. Large window in the northern hemisphere allow plenty of natural light and minimize heat gain. To remove heat, strategically placed windows can open to allow air movement.


Many people put large window in their homes to increase their market value. When looking for a place to call home, modern home buyers are keen to find lots of natural light and stunning views.


Modern house plans with large windows offer many advantages, and it's easy to see why. For inspiration, please take a look at our current home plans!

For more interesting articles and information, see the content of Interior fit out company in London.


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