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The incredible synergy between systems makes everything incredibly simple, letting you mix and match the software that best suits your business. Integrating HubSpot into your system shows you the CRM for all your inbound sales and keeps them up to date if anything changes on either Hubspot or in your Xero integrations. Fergus is perfect for Xero integrations, a combination that will make it easier than ever to run your company.

  • Let's look at some of the most useful tools for automating this procedure.
  • They add extra functionality to your Xero subscription by connecting it to other software.
  • These are then reflected in Xero as invoices, bills, and journal entries, ensuring your books match in both software platforms and reducing manual data entry.
  • Prospect CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management software designed to help businesses manage sales and customer data.
  • This integration is built by the Futrli team and can be activated within the Xero interface.
  • Deputy provides greater control over business performance, whether you have 5 or 5,000 employees.

Meanwhile, hundreds of other software providers have built apps that allow their businesses to integrate with Xero. Specifically, Link My Books provides direct integration between all major ecommerce platforms and Xero. Automated hourly data transfer removes manual processes enabling payroll processing with simplicity and accuracy. By synchronizing hours worked in real time to Xero payroll, Deputy eliminates discrepancies that lead to payroll errors and compliance risks.

What Can Integrate with Xero?

Instantly issue virtual corporate cards to your team whilst staying in control of spending and automatically export expense data into Xero. DiviPay eliminates the need for credit card sharing, reimbursements and expense reporting, giving you more control over how company money is spent. They’re the only solution for expense reporting, company card reconciliation, and receipt and mileage accountant for startups tracking recommended by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). They have a long track record with Xero, with over 450 positive reviews on the Xero App Store. Using Dext Prepare, you can scan receipts and invoices and upload data right to Xero. Information is synced with the Xero Chart of Accounts, Purchase Ledger, and Bank Account, making reconciliation simple.

  • And there you have it — the 11 best inventory add-ons for Xero that businesses should consider when looking to optimize their inventory management.
  • SumUp POS comes with a bundle of hardware and software to get business owners up and running quickly.
  • Billing and expense management often require several stages of approval, and EzzyBills accounts for that with customized and completely automated multi-level management approval workflows.
  • Xero is one of the most popular accounting platforms in the world, especially for small businesses.
  • But particularly if you’re dealing with large, recurring invoices, you’ll have a billing partner handling the details.

With unified visibility into inventory across all channels, businesses can proactively avoid stockouts, minimize excess stock carrying costs, and adjust levels quickly based on demand. By analyzing key metrics across profitability, cash flow, growth and more, Fathom identifies areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Benchmarking against industry standards offers context for goal-setting. Transform your year-end close with Xenett—a powerful accounting tool designed for efficiency.

The best for omnichannel inventory management

On the other hand, Xero integrations connect the platform to third-party softwares (like Chargebee, HubSpot, and Shopify). Integrating Pipedrive with Xero means you can track deal progress right through until invoices have been paid and squared away in your ledger. A third party, SyncQ, seamlessly syncs data from Pipedrive to Xero and vice versa.

For payments

Without ever needing to manually transfer or duplicate data between systems. Although it is a less popular viewpoint, online and physical stores face similar bookkeeping issues. It's because they have to deal with a large number of small purchases, inventory management, and other responsibilities.

Xero Add Ons for Your Business

Choose tools like Receipt Bank or Unleashed that target these areas. By eliminating manual payment data entry, Square reduces accounting workload. With sales data automatically synced to Xero in real time, Square provides up-to-date visibility into performance trends to inform critical decisions. Square provides a seamless POS, payment processing, and business management solution integrated with Xero. Overall, Unleashed offers comprehensive inventory optimization tools tailored to the needs of product-based businesses selling any combination of in-store, online or wholesale.

Capturing working hours and attendance, Deputy helps you to keep on top of your HR, compliance, and payroll accuracy. If you have an idea for a problem to solve that’s not covered by any of the existing apps in the Xero App Store, you can build a custom app or integration using Xero’s open API. There is also the potential to sell your app in the Xero App Store once it’s complete. You can build custom apps and integrations with the Xero Developer Center, and if you need help, you can commission a certified Xero developer. Enhance your business capabilities by connecting apps to your Xero account. Do even more with Xero by connecting a diverse range of apps designed to solve your business challenges.

Xero add-ons include Xero Projects, Xero Practice Manager, and hubdoc. Meanwhile, hundreds of other software vendors have created their own Xero integrations. Most businesses are at the mercy of unmanageable, error-prone spreadsheets. But with Float’s automatic one-way sync with Xero, your forecast remains live and accurate, keeping up-to-date with bills, invoices, and actual transactions. We have compiled this list of Xero integrations which we’ll keep updated every year based on their reviews, feedback we hear from our customers, and new software developments.

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