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OPSWAT sets new standard in cybersecurity with first-ever 100% rating in SE Labs Test

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OPSWAT, renowned for its expertise in perimeter defense cybersecurity and its groundbreaking Deep CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology, proudly unveils its recent achievement: a perfect 100% Protection and Accuracy Score awarded by SE Labs. This esteemed recognition comes from SE Labs, a distinguished independent testing company dedicated to evaluating the effectiveness of security solutions and services. This accolade underscores OPSWAT’s commitment to excellence and its unparalleled ability to provide robust protection against a wide range of cyber threats.

OPSWAT’s groundbreaking achievement marks a significant milestone in CDR testing, as it becomes the inaugural company to attain a perfect rating in this domain. Recognizing the prevalent threat posed by file-based attacks orchestrated by cybercriminals, OPSWAT’s Deep CDR technology stands at the forefront of defense. Adopting a proactive stance, OPSWAT scrutinizes each file with meticulous detail, treating it as a potential threat. Through a sophisticated process of dissection, elimination, and reconstruction, OPSWAT safeguards against malicious content while preserving file functionality, thereby providing unparalleled protection without compromising integrity.

In SE Labs’ rigorous testing regimen, which encompassed various file types including Office documents, archive files, images, web pages, and LNK link files, OPSWAT’s Deep CDR underwent meticulous evaluation. Notably, SE Labs incorporated a malware component aimed at granting testers remote access upon file opening, intensifying the assessment’s authenticity. OPSWAT’s Deep CDR emerged triumphant, achieving a flawless 100% score in both Protection Accuracy and Legitimate Accuracy categories. This exemplary performance underscores the technology’s dual prowess in eliminating threats while preserving essential file components intact. By employing a distinctive methodology that discards non-compliant elements while upholding the usability of compliant components, OPSWAT’s Deep CDR solidifies its position as an unrivaled solution for comprehensive security and file integrity assurance.

SE, CEO and founder of SE Labs, lauded OPSWAT for subjecting its CDR solution to SE Labs’ stringent evaluation, emphasizing the rigorous nature of their assessments. Edwards highlighted the exceptional performance of OPSWAT’s Deep CDR in navigating the complex challenges posed by the tests. The evaluation prioritized Deep CDR’s capacity to proactively mitigate productivity disruptions, uphold data integrity, and decisively eliminate malware threats. OPSWAT’s commendable performance underscores its commitment to providing robust cybersecurity solutions capable of meeting the most demanding security standards.

Benny Czarny, Founder and CEO of OPSWAT, expressed pride in the company’s commitment to providing prevention-based cybersecurity solutions that surpass industry standards. He highlighted the significance of OPSWAT’s Deep CDR technology in effectively mitigating file-based threats, as evidenced by achieving 100% Protection and Legitimate Accuracy Scores from SE Labs. Czarny reiterated OPSWAT’s dedication to empowering organizations with top-tier technology, ensuring the protection of their critical environments and providing peace of mind to their stakeholders.

OPSWAT’s Deep CDR technology plays a pivotal role within the MetaDefender platform, powering various solutions aimed at safeguarding critical environments from file-based threats. Whether through web applications, emails, USBs, or other vectors, OPSWAT Deep CDR ensures comprehensive protection. With support for over 150 file types, recursive disarming of complex objects, integration with OPSWAT Multiscanning for thorough threat detection, and detailed reporting capabilities, it offers robust security measures. The collaboration with SE Labs underscores OPSWAT’s commitment to pioneering CDR technology, emphasizing regeneration-based solutions over traditional detection methods and furthering its mission to shield organizations from evolving cyber threats.



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