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What Should You Do About Cracks in Your Concrete Driveway or Patio?

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Concrete driveway cracks can form due to weather, age, tree roots, heavy loads, and ground shifting. Not only can these cracks appear in your concrete driveway, but they can also appear in your patio. If you want to repair these cracks, enlist the services of a concrete contractor in Tulsa who can evaluate the cracks and their cause and determine the best way to repair them: and prevent them in the future.

green leaves on white concrete wall

What Should You Do About Patio or Concrete Driveway Cracks?

Concrete cracks in a driveway or patio can detract from the aesthetics of your home, but they can also indicate a structural concern. While these cracks may be an eyesore to the point that you may try fixing them yourself, filling in a crack is often the same as putting a Band-Aid over a wound that requires stitches.

Concrete Repair: A Complex Process

In some cases, cracks may only require a minor repair, but many can indicate serious structural issues. In that case, complete repair may require removing the existing concrete to promote safety and make the area structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

If the best solution to repairing your patio or driveway requires removing the existing concrete and replacing it altogether, the process will require demolition, concrete removal and disposal, a lot of heavy lifting and sweat, and pouring new concrete, which in and of itself is in the construction world and requires advanced skill and precision.

grey and brown concrete pavement

When To DIY and When To Call a Concrete Contractor in Tulsa

There are many home projects that you can and should attempt to DIY, but concrete work is not one of them. Concrete repair requires skill and precision, as the process necessitates both structural and aesthetic expertise. Many of the products sold on the shelves of big-box construction stores designed for concrete repair are meant to make homeowners feel more confident about performing a DIY concrete crack repair job.

However, more often than not, the results look anything but professional, and within a short period, the crack becomes visible again and you're back to square one. If you want to address cracks in your concrete driveway or patio correctly, you should delegate the work to an OKCrete Tulsa Concrete Contractor who can make the necessary repairs and ensure seamless and long-lasting results.

Taking the First Step in the Repair Process

If you've noticed minor or more significant cracks in your concrete patio or driveway, the first step is to be proactive and schedule an initial consultation with an experienced concrete contractor.

The consultation process involves a contractor visiting your home to evaluate the cracks in person to determine their cause and what will be required to adequately and safely repair them while ensuring the most aesthetically pleasing results. When you trust an expert, you can feel confident in the repair and won't have to deal with demolition, disposal, or DIY any part of the job.

Cracks in your concrete patio or driveway can detract from the aesthetics of your home, but there is a solution. Whether you need to address minor aesthetic concerns or larger structural issues, the right concrete contractor can determine the best and most affordable way to repair the issues so that you can enjoy a smoother, uniform driveway or patio.

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