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How To Upload YouTube Shorts To Boost Your Channels Growth

How to Upload YouTube Shorts to Boost Your Channels Growth. 

How to Upload YouTube Shorts to Boost Your Channel's Growth

Any creator on YouTube should learn how to upload YouTube Shorts to earn more now. Why? Because it's easier!

YouTube's answer to Shorts was introduced as a response to the growing popularity of short-form video content on platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok. However, it's more than just a copycat; it's a sign of YouTube's commitment to its long-form content and staying relevant in the digital era.

Rise with YouTube Shorts

With the potential of YouTube creators to monetize Shorts and earn money through video elements within YouTube Studio, it opens up a new avenue for creators to enhance YouTube content and their revenue streams. Many YouTubers are making money with YouTube Shorts, you can be one of them.

YouTube offers creators an opportunity to engage with their audience through short, attention-grabbing vertical videos together.

People upload YouTube Shorts and add Short Videos in a section on their channel just like they do for Live Streams or Playlists now since longer videos take their time to have fun or learn.

In this article, we'll explore the process of uploading short videos and delve into some powerful strategies to help grow your video channel's reach but even to start recording and creating Shorts to upload YouTube Shorts, you need to have these:

Google Account: Ensure you have an account on Google, which you can create for free if you don't already have one.

YouTube App: Download the YouTube app on your phone to use the Shorts camera and upload the Shorts. The app is available at no cost.

Video Length and Size: Whether it is shot from your professional cam or not, YouTube Shorts mustn't be longer than 15 seconds in duration (countdown timer), have an aspect ratio (portrait mode is better), and shouldn't be bigger than 100 MB in file size for existing videos.

Adhere to Content Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with YouTube's community guidelines, which outline the appropriate content to upload Shorts. Please refrain from sharing any content that is hateful, sexual, violent, or deemed inappropriate.

Set Up a YouTube Channel: To upload Shorts on YouTube, you must have a channel. If you don't have one, don't worry, you can create a channel for free.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts Video Directly

Once you've met the requirements before learning how to upload YouTube Shorts, follow these actions to upload videos to your channel dashboard and your own YouTube account:

1. Open the YouTube app on your mobile device or tablet.

2. Tap the video camera button at the bottom of the page to access the Shorts camera (Shorts tab).

3. If you want to record, tab "Create a Short".

4. Keep holding the record button and leverage features like music, text, and other elements to enhance your video.

If you want to upload your pre-recorded video, select the Shorts video you want (max 15 seconds) You can also add royalty free music or add sound to your pre-made video.

5. After recording or selecting the Shorts video, follow the "Next" buttons.

6. Video elements: When creating a Short on YouTube, make sure to include a catchy title and description. Additionally, consider adjusting privacy settings and selecting a thumbnail image that accurately represents your Short.

7. YouTube will check the copyright and you will see it on the next screen.

8. Finally, tap the "Upload Short" button to end the video upload process.

Your YouTube Shorts video is currently being processed and may take some time before it becomes available on YouTube.

The Power of Sharing YouTube Shorts for a YouTube User

To maximize the exposure of video of your YouTube Shorts, consider how to upload YouTube Shorts – the step-by-step process above to "upload video" and share it on various other video platforms.

Sharing from the YouTube App:

1. Open the YouTube mobile app to access your account on your phone.

2. To share a Short, locate it and then tap on it to open it.

3. To share, simply tap on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing out of a box.

4. Select the application you wish to share the Short with, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook.

Sharing from the YouTube Website:

1. Please open the YouTube website on your desktop computer.

2. Go to YouTube Studio and select the "Create" button in the upper right corner.

3. To share a Short, simply locate it and click on it to open it.

4. To share, look for the Share button, which is usually an arrow pointing out of a box.

5. To share the Short, simply click on the Copy and Paste button and then paste the link into a message or post on the platform of your choice.

Monetizing YouTube Shorts

To monetize your video title on YouTube Shorts, you'll need to meet certain requirements, including having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months.

Once eligible, you can enable monetization on your channel and start earning income from short videos through advertisements, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

The Rising Star: YouTube Shorts and Its Monetization Potential

YouTube Shorts' popularity stems from its convenience, ease of creation, and integration of TikTok-like features. The platform's algorithm favors Shorts, leading to increased discoverability and recommendation to users.

By utilizing smart sharing strategies, enhancing visibility, and optimizing content, creators can leverage YouTube Shorts to create a short, to grow their channel and engage with a broader new audience.

Finally, the potential for monetization adds a significant incentive for content creators to explore and create more short-form content, to capitalize on the rising trend of YouTube Shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find frequently asked questions about uploading YouTube Shorts here.

Why are YouTube Shorts gaining more popularity than other types of YouTube videos?

YouTube Shorts has become more popular due to several factors, including their convenience, short duration, video editing screen, and mobile-friendly nature. Shorter attention spans and the ease of discovering new content through Shorts have also contributed to their rising popularity.

Can I earn income from YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can monetize YouTube Shorts if you join YouTube Partner Program and earn income through advertisements, sponsorships (brand deals), and merchandise sales.

To be eligible for monetization, you need a channel with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months, in addition to complying with YouTube's guidelines.

What happens if I upload YouTube Shorts as "Private"?

If you upload Shorts videos as "Private," only you and the people have shared with will be able to view the video. Private Shorths and videos are not findable or visible to the public.

How can I share a YouTube Short with a select audience?

With a select audience, you can upload YouTube Shorts from the video file with it as "Unlisted." This allows only those with the link to view the video. You can then share the link with specific individuals or groups.

Why is my YouTube Short not showing a "Video Published" notification?

If you don't see a "Video Published" notification after uploading desired video file for a YouTube Short, check if the video has finished processing. Also, ensure there are no issues with the uploaded video, such as violating YouTube's community guidelines or copyright restrictions.

What type of content can I upload as YouTube Shorts?

YouTube has community guidelines that apply to upload YouTube Shorts as well. Avoid uploading violent, sexual, hateful, or inappropriate content to upload short below, as it may violate YouTube's policies and result in the removal of the uploaded short video.

What is the advantage of using the YouTube Shorts feature?

YouTube Shorts offers a unique opportunity to create short, engaging videos that can attract new viewers and help grow your channel. The Shorts feature has become popular among users due to its short videos, its ease of watching, and its integration with video's start of TikTok-like features.

How To Increase YouTube Shorts' Visibility?

To increase the visibility of YouTube Shorts videos and attract a wider audience's attention, consider the following tips for video elements:

• Engaging Thumbnail: Create eye-catching thumbnails that entice viewers to click and watch your Shorts.

• Optimized Titles and Descriptions: Craft a clear and compelling title or description for your Shorts, including relevant keywords to improve searchability.

• Consistent Branding: Establish a consistent branding style for your Shorts to help viewers recognize your content easily.

• Call-to-Action (CTA): Include a strong CTA in your Shorts to encourage viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel.

• Collaborations: Partner with other creators to cross-promote each other's Shorts, expanding your reach to their audience.

• Leverage Trends: Stay up to date with trending topics and incorporate them creatively into your Shorts to gain more attention.

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