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Affordable AI Voice Text-to-speech in India

AI voice text-to-speech,Artificial Intelligence,text-to-speech accents . 

Today businesses are using AI-enabled technologies to streamline their business operations. The AI voice text-to-speech software is a fantastic technology that converts text into speech in a human-like voice. The USP of the speech software is that it produces a human-like sound and helps to engage the customers without the intervention of live agents

Businesses can automate customer engagement with uniformity and deliver high-quality customer support. Let's discuss more of the core characteristics of the software solution and how it can benefit businesses in connecting with customers.

Human-like voice:

The AI Voice Text-to-speech software allows businesses to engage customers with a human-like voice. Communication with the customers should be more natural, and a natural flow in communication will make them listen to what your business has to say. If they use AI-enabled voices that sound too robotic- the customer will find them artificial, and they will not be interested in the message.

The automated voice will probably prompt the listeners to disconnect the phone as they'll be least interested in continuing to listen to it. So, the business will fail to connect with the customers and put across the message they want to convey. So, it's highly advisable to use AI-enabled text-to-speech accents that speak in a natural human-like voice and conveys the message to the target audience.

Indian accent:

Reaching out to the Indian audience will require conversations in Indian accents. Businesses that want to streamline their client communication process should use AI-enabled technology that speaks in the Indian accent. The text-to-speech software will enable companies to offer an Indian -based accent in a near human-like voice that will engage the customers better.

But did you know that text-to-speech software provides communication in a human-like voice in multiple languages and accents? This software capability benefits businesses that want to expand their operations into the local and regional malls. They can rely on the AI Voice-to-text speech and convert more leads by communicating in a natural human-like voice in different languages and accents and conveying the message to the target audience.

Control the voice:

Every business has different requirements to fulfil to engage with the customers. So, while communicating with their clients, they may require a specific pitch and pronunciation and convey the intended message in a particular way. So, with the help of AI-enabled text-to-speech accents, software businesses can create the perfect human-like voice that will interact with their customers and ensure the perfect delivery of the message.

By customising the elements of the speech, such as pronunciation, accent, volume, and pitch, businesses can provide that the technology converse with their target audience in a certain specific way. They can use the customised speech to ensure that all of their target audience receives the message in a precise manner, which will attract them the most.

IVR options:

The IVR technology is beneficial as it helps businesses improve communication quality with their clients. Moreover, it makes the engagement process straightforward with several menus and submenus. The customers pick the menu category and sub-menu to reach out to the desired department and quickly get their queries answered.

So, it's an effortless way of quick query resolution for a business that can provide high customer satisfaction. In an AI-enabled text-to-speech accent software, the conversation is carried out by AI. Companies can use more IVR options to answer all probable questions of the customers. The AI technology will convert the text into speech and provide customers with various options to resolve their queries quickly.


Do you know that Knowlarity offers AI Voice Text-to-speech software at the best prices? You can use this AI-enabled software to transform your business communication at affordable pricing.

Get the software at budget-friendly prices, covering a global vocabulary list including Hindi, English, and regional languages. So, to engage the Indian audience, you can rely on text-to-speech accents and connect with the Indian audience in the language they prefer.

The automated voice will read out the text in a human-like voice and communicate the message, which the target audience will likely understand easily. You can book a free 7-day free trial and learn more about the software.

You can also book a free demo on the TTS and let the company's representative help you understand the product better.

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