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Best UGC Video Agency In India

Best UGC Agency in India,ugc video company,ugc videos . 

As the demand for authenticity and originality is growing at a fast pace in the realm of storytelling, people are trusting the recommendations and feedback from real-life users. Hence, the need for UGC videos is increasing among brands.

UGC stands for User-generated content videos, helping brands demonstrate their product with the help of real-time user feedback, which establishes brand loyalty, increases conversions, and works as a trust signal. According to Hootsuite, 93% of marketers have agreed that consumers trust customer-based content more than the brand’s, and approximately 80% of the people have said that social platforms and user-generated content are a match made in heaven as it impacts buyer’s decisions. Brands are marketing their way through UGC videos because they possess the title of being the most reliable and generate maximum results for brands. They are also known to be proof of authenticity and help brands gain trust among the audience with the most trusted influencers. 

Let’s take a better look at the UGC video campaign with Healthify Me. From Jan 2021 to Jan 2022, the health and fitness company ran a campaign in which they represented the inspiring journey of four users to show their services & processes and generate more conversions. As a result, Healthify Me saw a drastic increment in plan purchases and made a revenue of over INR 15 crores. These are the things you should use UGC videos for your brands that influence your target audience. 

As we read, UGC videos can help brands achieve their goals faster and smoother. However, the brands face trouble finding and creating the best user-generated content, using it to answer the audience’s questions, and more. So, brands hire a UGC video agency to take the load off their shoulders and create the best UGC videos. In this article, we will share about the best UGC agency that can help your brand create videos that can help your brand stand apart. 

Best UGC Video Company That Boosts Your Brand Sales 

Vidzy is India’s most profound and renowned UGC agency in India, which has helped over 1200 brands in the past seven years. The UGC company creates genuine videos with minimum character interaction, an additional rating for a specific product or service, and more. Vidzy also has a base of over 2.5 Lac influencers in various niches which help brands gain trust through their word-of-mouth marketing.

Now, the question arises of how Vidzy is aiding the brands to create the best UGC videos.

How The UGC Videos Elevate Your Brand And Maximize Results:

UGC videos are becoming a perfect way for brands to showcase their product and services with results and life-changing stories. These videos are helping brands elevate by leveraging insights, generating ROI, driving conversions, and more. Let’s learn how.

Leveraging Customer Insights: 

The agency decodes the essential information from consumer behavior and preferences to give brands a meaningful and personalized UGC video, which increases lead generation and conversions.

Unbeatable ROI: 

The user-generated videos specialize in skyrocketing results by providing brands with 10X authentic and audience-specified content. The quality content weaving ties connect with the audience and impacts their purchasing decisions, ending up with a boost in sales and improved ROI. 

Driving Conversions: 

The UGC agency creates ever-green, emotionally rich videos to help the brand connect with the audience on a personal level while sharing a user’s journey and demonstrating the results. This helps the brand convert more customers and leverage it with a loyal fanbase, driving more conversions. 

Curating Quality Content: 

UGC companies carefully review entries to meticulously curate premium content. This process includes choosing videos that closely match brand messaging, exhibit genuine authenticity, and possess the capacity to connect with a broader audience.

Leveraging Influencers and Ambassadors:

Engaging in partnerships with influencers and brand advocates elevates the credibility of UGC. Agencies pinpoint and collaborate with individuals who resonate with the brand, boasting a substantial following. This collaboration serves to broaden the reach and intensify the influence of the UGC campaign.

Since we have understood how video houses are brands with UGC videos. Let's understand why brands are choosing the UGC video agency.

Why Brands Are Choosing Vidzy To Create UGC Videos:

Affordable Prices: 

Vidzy’s affordable prices keep it in high demand among high-end brands to start-ups. Its UGC video solutions are chosen by brands like Myntra, Amazon, and more, making it famous and reliable.

Authentic And Genuine Review:

The audience go for brands with higher rating and genuine reviews, in the world of hard-to-trust reviews, the UGC video agency provides the brand with authentic and genuine reviews about their products.

Influencer collaboration: 

The video agency has gathered over 2.5 Lac best and most trusted influencers to help brands gain authority and build trust among the audience. They also help brands to promote a specific product and show its impact on the influencer’s life. 

Rich Experience: 

Vidzy has served brands in almost all industries now and knows the audience precisely, this helps the video agency give brands and its audience a renowned experience and maximize results.


UGC videos are helping brands make conversions and generate better revenue. UGC videos are known as user-generated videos, which help brands accomplish their goals smoothly because they leave a deeper impact on the audience’s lives and their purchasing decisions. Choose Vidzy to help your brand.

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