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Brother Colour Laser Printer – A Short Buying Guide

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Brother Colour Laser printer is a commonly heard name in the world today. Almost all commercial operations have adopted laser printers in place of the traditional inkjet ones. The laser printers have some good features that are superior to ordinary inkjet printers, which makes them a higher-quality printing choice in most cases.

Laser printers render the utmost quality text and images to the other printers. Laser printers come in various models. There are models that are perfect for small businesses and home offices. While there are reliable low-cost models on the market that are perfect for everyday personal printing.

Features Of Brother Colour Laser Printer

Some of the features of a brother colour Laser Printer are discussed below:

Resolution quality and color -

The standard resolution of a laser printer is 1200 dots per inch (dpi). For routine printing, comprising minor DTP jobs this type of laser printer is best suitable. However, on the other side, certain laser printers have a resolution of 300 dpi. Resolution enhancement technology is employed in these laser printers with a resolution of 300 dpi, as such printer causes rough edges on the images. Resolution Enhancement Technology helps to smooth the rough edges.

Colour laser printers are costlier than black-and-white versions and involve a great amount of printer memory, to produce high-resolution images.

Print quality -

The resolution of the brother color laser printer is superior to that of an inkjet. The inkjet printer uses a print head that has tiny nozzles that squirt ink onto the paper in a dot form. The number of nozzles on the print head ascertains how close the dots print together, providing you with a higher resolution with a higher nozzle count.

The color laser printer from Brother uses toner and a drum to roll on a higher resolution and a really durable print. Colour laser printers furthermore use just any type of printing paper in contradiction to the inkjet printer needing inkjet paper only.

Paper handling size and capacity -

Most laser printers are put to use with letter-size, cut-sheet paper. Additional paper trays would be inserted to enhance the capacity.

Laser printers are able to print on a range of papers sizes, types and weights, like, transparencies, labels and card stock. They are also designed so, to handle modern media for example envelopes. But papers, like, iron-on transfers, are unsuitable for laser printers since the heat used during the transfer process tends to damage the paper and gum up your printer.

A laser printer with duplex printing is able to print on one side of the paper; then flip the paper over and print on the other side. Most brother color laser printers, nevertheless, deploy the simpler manual duplex printing.

The Sum Up

This short buyers’ guide helps the consumer, take an educated decision when choosing a laser printer for you.

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