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What is Fashion Design and Sewing Technology?

Fashion Design and Sewing Technology refers to the implementation of technology in the process and art of designing clothings including its accessories in order to keep up with various fashion trends and demands. 

Fashion Designing is the art of implementing various design, aesthetics and beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is majorly influenced by both cultural and social attitudes which changes over time. Fashion Designers work in several ways in designing clothing and accessories such as necklaces, shirts, blouses and bracelets etc. Fashion designers must at all times be prepared for various changes to meet consumer demands and tastes.

Fashion Designers are individuals who carry out research on fashion trends and express them to their audience. Implementing technology into fashion lets designers have access to various technological tools that aids in designing various fashion trends, it also aids in improving the quality of products, for example, designers will use various design tools to design and display fashion for a special event or for a specific demand. 

Elements of Fashion Designing

Here are some of the elements of fashion design:

1. Color: The value (light and darkness) of and intensity of the color (brightness or dullness) used, the proportion of different colors used, colors of the accessories used, where the colors are placed all are very important in the fashion designing process as the first impression of anything is important.

2. Silhouettes: It is the basic shape, outline, and style of the clothing. It is also an important element of fashion design.

3. Fabric: The type of fabric you choose for design is very important in how it will shape up. The fabric texture refers to the hand or feel of the fabric including its stiffness or softness and its appearance, drape and the visual effect of all these on the consumer/wearer.

4. Prints and Patterns: When designing you will be taking into consideration the designs inherent in the fabric, cause they play a significant role in fashion design.

5. Body Shape: When you wear clothes, you want to look fashionable and well presented. An hourglass figure is deemed as the ideal body shape though it can also be different according to the time, social and cultural influences, etc. Fashion designers design clothes that will give the wearer this ideal body shape.

6. Balance and Rythm: This refers to the symmetry ( or asymmetry) in the shapes, colors, style lines, elements; the relative degree of importance given to different elements of the design. Rhythm refers to the pattern created by the use of lines or shapes.

Features of Fashion Design and Sewing Technology

There are lots of features and characteristics of fashion designing and sewing technology, some of them are: 

1. Strong Business Sense: A great fashion designer has a very excellent business skills. You would understand budget allocations alongside various marketing and sales concepts that are essential to getting designs produced and sold.

2. Good Communication: Several people are usually involved in the creation of a clothing accessory, and as a designer, you must be able to communicate effectively with everyone that is involved and in what your client expects.

3. Sense of Competition: As a fashion designer, you should continually strive to do better than your fellows to come up with the latest and high-quality innovative designs quickly.

4. Highly Creative: A fashion designer should possess a great sense of style and should constantly come up with new ideas for fashions.

5. Strong Drawing Skills: Strong and Excellent drawing skills means that a fashion designer should be able to easily sketch their ideas onto paper to start the process of production.

6. Good Eye for Materials: You should have an eye for the materials of a garment, as well as the various characteristics that make them unique, such as fabric and color.

7. Social Media: In fashion designing and sewing technology, fashion designers should be able to leverage social media marketing to show off their latest designs and reach a wide range of new customers.

8. Design Tools: Designers should be able to use various design tools and technology to simulate and create new designs.

Benefits of Fashion Design and Sewing Technology 

There are many benefits of fashion design and sewing technology, some of them are:

1. Great fabrics, sewing techniques, colors, high quality of clothing materials are all made possible with fashion technology.

2. There is no more need to waste materials to showcase designs you can use various digital tools to implement your designs. 

3. Ease of sewing and marketing. 

4. Large availability of free design tools.

5. Implementation of tech into fashion has helped in keeping up with the unending fashion demands and trends.

Why Study Fashion Design and Sewing Technology?

1. Sharpen Your Skills: Fashion design helps you sharpen your skills, skills like understanding the color palette and textures, the ability to sketch figures can be enhanced in fashion design.

2. Out-Of-The-Box Thinking: Fashion design affords you the opportunity to experiment with various ideas.

3. Knowledge Transfer: Fashion design helps you share your knowledge and learn on a daily basis. The learning never stops as new designs are invented every time.

4. Be your own Boss: Fashion design helps you be the boss of your own, you can work from anywhere, and at your own pace. You can set up your own fashion house, boutiques or simply work from your home office.

5. Higher Earning Potential: The demand for fashion designers is on the rise every day, and where demand is, the capabilities are enormous.

6. Area of Specialization: Fashion design has a vast no of areas where you can specialize, discover your area and excel in it. Whether it be traditional, corporate, or kid’s designs, the list is endless.

7. Career Growth: Fashion design is a booming career where your creativity can be harnessed and rewarded handsomely. 

8. Global Community: Join a global community of fashion designers and enthusiasts, assists famous designers, newbies, celebrities.

Fashion Design And Sewing Technology Course Outline: 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Principles Of Fashion

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Fashion Producers  

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Fashion Designing & Accessories  

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Principles Of Designing  

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Colours

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Colour Hormonies & Application

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Dress Designing  

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Sewing Machines 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Special Machines 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Sewing Machine Attachmrnts

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Sewing Machine Care And Maintenance

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Stitching Mechanism 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Feeding Mechanism 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Spreading 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Cutting 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Marking 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Pressing 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Sewing Federal Standards For Seam 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Sewing Federal Standards For Stitch 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Sewing Thread

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Video Lectures 

Fashion Design & Sewing Technology - Exams and Certification

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