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How Much does it Cost to Build an Education App

Education app development services have been in great demand since COVID-19. The reason is that educational institutions understand the necessity and lasting benefits of education apps. Consequently, a rapid growth in the use of online learning platforms has been seen in the global market. According to Statista, the global revenue of online platforms is likely to reach $64.50 billion by 2027, compared to $57 billion in 2021. if you are a start-up or an educational institution owner, this is the right time to enter the market and register a considerable share of this huge volume in your name. But the cost of educational app development must be your concern. That is how much you need to invest to build an education app of your own. 

For an idea, on average, you need to spend an amount in the vicinity of $45,000 to $50,000. If you want to know the education app development cost. You should consult a renowned education app development company with considerable experience delivering EdTech applications. Since the cost of educational app development depends on several factors such as the app type, app complexity, number of features, development time, developers' location and experience, etc.  

Here in this blog, you will get to know the most possible knowledge required to calculate your education app development cost. Besides other insights associated with an educational app. So stay tuned with us. 

What is an Education App?

An education app is software that allows remote learning for interested users. They can learn anything from fundamental math's concepts to advanced professional skills as per their learning needs. Besides virtual sessions with the teachers, these apps also offer the facilities of digital textbooks, tutorials, quizzes, examinations, homework assignments, grading facilities, and more. 

All in all, education apps eliminate the need for students' to visit educational institutions. Without any hassle, students can study whichever subject they want or need with a single-click on the application. Educational apps give students the ease of learning anywhere, anytime, at their convenience. 

Coursera, Khan Academy, and Udemy are some of the most popular education apps in the EdTech world. 

Who Uses Educational Apps?

Educational apps are used by different individuals and organizations to meet their learning needs. Here are some use cases of educational apps

  • Parents use these apps to engage their children in learning activities. 
  • Students and candidates use these apps to prepare for their examinations. 
  • Professionals who want to upskill and get new certifications. 
  • Educational facilities to address various learning issues. 
  • Online course platforms use educational apps as a tool for enhanced promotion
  • Teachers use educational apps to monitor their students. 

What are the different types of educational apps?

There are various types of educational apps based on the target audience's needs and expectations. Here we list down a few of them. Have a look 

Kids Learning Applications 

YouTube Kids is one of the best examples of kids learning applications. These applications are in high demand nowadays. It is because kids learning applications offer top notch education along with assurance of children's health and personal safety for parents. 

Tutors Application

Khan Academy and Tutor Me are two of the most popular names in the tutoring application category. These applications allow students to advance in their education and academic studies by accessing lectures/subjects online. 

Online Course Application

Coursera and Udemy are two of the most popular online course applications for learning a wide range of courses. Including data science, marketing, UI/UX design, app development, and much more. 

Language Learning Application 

Duolingo and Babbel are two of the top brands when it comes to language learning applications. Language learning was already popular and in high demand even before the emergence of online learning platforms. Now that getting education is so easy with eLearning development solutions, the number of candidates for language learning has increased to a record high. 

Must-have features in Educational Apps

There are numerous education apps available on the market to help students get education and knowledge on desired subjects. Choosing the one with the best feature set is challenging. So we have done all the heavy lifting on your behalf and compiled a list of features an educational app must have. Well, the inclusion of sophisticated features directly influences the cost of education app development. But having fundamental features is necessary. So let's have a look at the features that must be a part of your education mobile app. 

One-step login and a user dashboard 

One-step login and a user dashboard must be present in an educational app. It will allow students to login to their profiles with a single tap. While the dashboard will give them a complete overview of their profiles with ease of tracking learning progress. 

Filters and a search bar 

The availability of a search bar and filters in an educational app provides convenience to students. It is because educational apps are like catalogues with lists of available learning resources. If any education app has too many courses, it would be really hard for learners to find the course of their choice. Here comes the importance of a search bar and filters to find a specific course and filter it by level, pricing, and language. 

Payment mechanisms 

This feature will allow learners to pay for paid courses. On the other hand, teachers would be able to collect fees for their teaching on particular subjects. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate secure payment options. For example, UPIs, bank cards, smart wallets, and others allow learners to make payments at their convenience.  

Recording of sessions 

The integration of the recording of sessions feature is important in an education app. It allows students to record a session and repeat it after a face-to-face session when needed. It saves learners from having to take notes and allows them to study for examinations and other assessments. A perfect education app must have this feature, as it increases student involvement. 

File sharing 

A file sharing option should be available in an education app. It is highly useful when an online tutor wants to communicate something about the lesson during a crucial discussion or after the session. With this feature, tutors can share a variety of multimedia content, including photographs, videos, PDFs, and more, to clarify learners' doubts or make them understand the topic better. 

How Much Does It Cost to Make an Education App?

An education app development cost depends on its type, complexity, platform compatibility, features, tech stack, educational app developers, their location, and app development time. 

Here, we are providing the app's cost on three different bases. The app complexity, platform compatibility and developers' location 

Education app development cost is based on app complexity

  • Basic or MVP, costs somewhere around $20,000 to $25,000
  • Standard education apps cost in between $45,000 and $50,000
  • Advanced education apps would demand investments of $75,000 to $90,000

Education app development cost is based on platform compatibility 

  • iOS education app somewhere around $22,000 to $55,000
  • Android education apps cost in between $25,000 and $60,000
  • Cross-platform app development would require investment of $24,000 to $58,000

Education app development cost is based on developers' locations


  • USA based developers ask $100 to $150/hr
  • Eastern European developers charge $90 to $120/hr
  • Ukraine developers demands $40 to $80/hr 
  • Indian developers build education apps at the cost of  $20 – $60/hr


This blog provides the needed information about an education app. From its overview to types, use cases, features, and development cost. Now that you have an idea of how much education app development costs, don't wait anymore. Hire an education software development company and translate your idea into an amazing eLearning development solution. The market is flooded with numerous education app development companies, choosing the best one after conducting thorough market research. Don't forget to make sure that the partner education app development company has significant years of experience in offering education app development services in the market. 

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