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HCIE-WLAN (Written) V1.0 H12-351_V1.0-ENU Dumps

HCIE-WLAN (Written) V1.0 H12-351_V1.0-ENU Dumps . 

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Share some HCIE-WLAN H12-351_V1.0-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following configurations may cause ST As to experience a slow Internet connection? (Select All that Apply)
A.QoS CAR is configured in the traffic profile.
B.Radio 1 of APs is disabled.
C.TKIP encryption is configured, causing a low link setup rate.
D.Rate limiting is configured in the SSID profile.
Answer: A, C, D

On a campus network, which of the following problems may occur when you manually create a static VXLAN tunnel? (Select All that Apply)
A.Although the static VXLAN tunnel mode supports the distributed gateway scenario, the configuration involves a heavy workload and is complex to adjust.
B.A static VXLAN tunnel uses related protocols on the control plane, consuming device resources.
C.If N devices need to establish VXLAN tunnels, you need to manually configure the ingress replication list up to N x (N-l)/2 times.
D.Remote MAC addresses can be learned only through data flooding.
Answer: A, C

In Huawei's smart roaming solution, which of the following methods can be used by a WAC to discover and maintain neighboring AP entries of STAs? (Select All that Apply)
A.The WAC obtains such entries using 802. 11v.
B.The AP listens to the Probe frames sent by STAs.
C.The AP periodically and proactively scans neighboring APs of STAs.
D.STAs proactively report neighboring AP information.
Answer: B, C

In a VRRP HSB scenario, if the VRRP preemption delay is set to a small value, which of the following problems may occur after a master/backup switchover? (Select All that apply)
A.The batch backup process cannot be started.
B.A master/backup switchback is triggered too quickly.
C.Backup information is incomplete.
D.Service data on the master and backup WACs is lost.
Answer: B, C

Which of the following statements about the home agent are true? (Select All that Apply)
A.The home agent communicates with the gateway on the STAs1 home network at Layer 2.
B.The home agent communicates with the gateway on the STAs' home network at Layer 3.
C.A home AP can function as a home agent of STAs.
D.A home WAC can function as a home agent of STAs.
Answer: B, D

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