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How to Improve School Management Using This Software


Managing a school is challenging because there are many classes, teachers, and students to deal with. The high number of classes coinciding at schools every day makes it easy for classes to clash in the same venue. Mishaps like this cause confusion and negatively impacts the affected students’ learning experience. 

To run a school effectively, there needs to be proper organization, communication, and attention to detail. The administrative tasks involved can be tedious and time-consuming when done manually. Fortunately, there are now software programs designed to make school management easier and more efficient.

One of these programs is Teach ‘n Go, a web-based school management software with various features that simplifies the process of managing teachers, students, and classes. It also provides an overview of the scheduled activities and allows users to make changes if need be. 

Benefits of Using School Management Software

Using software to manage a school is more effective than doing it manually. Here are some benefits of integrating software like Teach ‘n Go with your existing school system:

  • Streamlined Administrative Duties

Management software reduces the time spent on administrative duties like scheduling classes, picking time for school events, assigning teachers to classes, and selecting classrooms for lessons. This is because they can all be done on one centralized platform. Teachers and school instructors can use the time saved to develop curriculums, attend tech training sessions or take online courses to improve their teaching skills.

  • Reduces Scheduling Conflicts

Sometimes teachers reschedule classes, but the new time might clash with another class their students are supposed to attend, or the planned classroom might have been allocated to another lesson. These clashes can frequently occur without centralized management software and cause conflicts that the school management has to resolve. Teach ‘n Go will inform you of such conflicts and help you to manage the clashing timetables. 

  • Access to an Online Calendar

Another advantage of using technology in education is that teachers will have access to an online calendar where they can see their scheduled lessons and adjust them whenever they want. The software has filters to help teachers view the calendar by class, classroom, student, or other options. Students and parents can also access the online calendar to see their upcoming classes or scheduled appointments.

The software users can create events on the calendar and add participants. Those participants will get notified, and the events will be added to their calendars as a reminder. 

  • Display of Lesson Pricing

With software like Teach ‘n Go, you can set a price for lessons at a school. The software supports various pricing models, so you can set hourly, daily, monthly, or custom rates for specific classes. The pricing and payments for those classes will be added to the profiles of the students enrolled in them.



Managing a school comes with various challenges that can be simplified with web-based software like Teach ‘n Go. It reduces the time needed to perform administrative tasks, so the school can focus on improving students’ learning experience. It also gives an overview of the school’s calendar so teachers and students can keep track of their upcoming classes and plan ahead.

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