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Is Web Development a Good Career?

Web . 

Choosing a career is never an easy decision. Due to the modernization of our world, more and more digital workplaces are now available. Pursuing a career in digital workplaces offers many benefits over traditional ones. The ability to work remotely, better work-life balance, and flexibility are attracting young enthusiasts.

The number of internet users is rising globally with astounding figures. Naturally, the digitized platforms are getting more robust and aesthetically pleasing to lure in more users. As a result, web development has become a popular career choice for many skilled individuals worldwide. Furthermore, a career path in web development offers a hefty salary that will undoubtedly grab your attention. So, you might wonder whether web development is a good career choice or not. In short, the answer is yes. Web development has already become an established career path and shows even more enormous potential for the future.

In this blog, we will try to remove any confusions you have about web development, show you how to become a web developer, and remind you why it is one of the best choices to make.


What is Web Development?

Before starting the journey, you should have a clear concept of what you are about to deal with. In simple terms, web development is all the coding work required to build and maintain a website. As a web developer, your job is to learn a variety of coding languages to build functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing websites so that users can intuitively surf the website. The websites also should meet the required project specifications. The complexity of websites can vary a lot depending on the purpose and category. Some websites can be static and show only plain text, while others have complex hierarchies like e-commerce or social networking sites.

Generally, there are three separate specialties within the field of web development. These are:

  • Front End
  • Back End
  • Full Stack Development

As the name suggests, front-end developers deal with parts of a website users interact with. Typically, front-end developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code the necessary user interface, ensuring that the site is visually appealing and user-friendly. On the other hand, back-end web developers use advanced programming languages like JAVA, Python, PHP, and frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails, and Express.js. It ensures that the website's database, server, and application are functional. Full-stack web developers combine both front and back-end development, incorporating both types of work.

As a web developer, it is also your responsibility to find and fix bugs, add new functionality to an existing product, meet with stakeholders on project meetings, and keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry.


What Makes Web Development a Good Career Choice?

Now, you understand what your role as a web developer can be. Web development has been at the forefront of career choices for many young individuals. There are numerous reasons why it can be an excellent career path. Some of the most compelling reasons that may motivate you to become a web developer are discussed in the following section.

You Do Not Require any Specific Degree

Many professionals in the field do not have any formal qualifications as web developers. A degree in Computer Science can be a huge advantage, but a lot of the skills required in the field can be self-taught.

If you learn a programming language and get yourself familiar with database management systems, nothing will stop you from pursuing a career in web development. Recruiters will judge your hard skills on the subject before hiring you. So, recruiters will not hire him if someone has a degree in Computer Science but lacks knowledge and skills in the web development field. Furthermore, many organizations offer training in web development. Hence, you can start your training even if you don't have a degree in Computer Science.

Your Earning Potential is Massive

Reputable organizations are willing to pay high salaries to attract the best web developers. However, salary might vary a lot depending on the complexity and specialty of the job; companies are paying a handsome salaries to all sorts of web developers. Moreover, you get the chance to explore a field with excellent earning potential.

In the United States, web developers' average yearly base salary falls between $70,000 - $71,000. A London-based web developer can average up to £50,000 a year. In Bangladesh, a web developer earns around 330,000 BDT yearly. But most importantly, the career path does not stop here. You can always explore other paths that lead to higher earning potential.

Source: payscale

If you become a web developer, you learn the ability to harness your skills in a diverse digital workspace. It encompasses a large domain, and you can tread as you like. Being specialized in a matter naturally means more demand and eventually more money.

You Earn the Potential to Switch

Becoming a web developer suits you with a variety of skills transferable to other areas. For instance, web developers can easily switch to mobile app development. Due to the large influx of smartphone users, the mobile app market has enormous potential. So, you gain the skills to explore this area of development.

Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon are trying to make the use of devices more consumer-friendly. In addition to that, these companies are developing different types of smart home devices. Customer-facing web developers can easily transition into developing interfaces for such devices.

An Amazing Opportunity to Show Your Creativity

Developers are recognized as problem solvers. Challenges are thrown at developers, and they gracefully solve them. If you have a creative mindset, you can flourish with web development. Front-end web developers can flex their creative muscles, which is the key to their success. You can build a first-class user experience by using your skills and imagination. Moreover, if you work for a startup, you will get an even larger boundary of creative freedom.

Become a Part of a Community

Being a part of a good community helps to become a better version of yourself. Sometimes the people you work with are just as important as the work. Becoming a web developer makes you a part of a vast online community. So, even if you find it challenging to work with your coworkers, a new friendly community is right at your fingertips.

The online web developer community can be a great source of technical support for you. Sometimes, implementing a feature or function in your code might feel tricky. You can quickly get help from the community as it is filled with like-minded people with exceptional technical skills. The online communities are great resources where you get the opportunity to learn a lot, not to mention what you can give back.

Ability to Work Freelance or as Part of an Organization

Another great benefit of working in the web development industry is the ability to work in freelance-based jobs. Freelance developers enjoy more flexibility, creative freedom, and higher wages. Freelance developers can handpick their projects to utilize their skillset on what they are confident about fully. Furthermore, it will give you the ability to work remotely. You can work for foreign companies and get paid by their standards. Many Bangladeshi web developers are taking the opportunity to work as freelancers.

It is Futureproof

If you intend to pursue your career in web development, you do not need to worry about getting replaced. We are heading toward a future where our lives will become even more intertwined with technology. As a result, developer skills are increasingly in demand. Learning at least one programming language will become elementary shortly. So, your job will be 100% futureproof!

Learning New Things

Developers can learn more about the advanced technologies in the tech world. You will never stop learning in this profession. If you have a knack for learning new skills and exploring your creative imaginations, web development is a profession you will certainly enjoy.

The world of web development is also evolving as developers try out new and more advanced technologies to grab users' attention. As a web developer, you can keep an eye on the latest web development trends to gain a competitive advantage. Developers opt for PWA and AMP tools that enable quick load time on mobile content. It also allows web content to have a more friendly UX design.


Challenges You Will Face as a Web Developer

Despite all the benefits, you must sacrifice a few things to become one of the most demanding persons in the digital workspace. Here is a list of a few obstacles.

Long Hours

Even though you will have flexible hours, sometimes you might require pulling an all-nighter to meet deadlines. Working long hours can mean working evenings, nights, and weekends. However, this overtime will be well compensated, but it can build up stress as it will divert your attention away from other responsibilities you have.


Be ready to face intense competition after you have reached a certain level. Remember, there are others like you vying for the same position. So, you have to offer something unique on the table to stand firm on your dream job.

Limited Perks

Many web developers join startups at the beginning of their careers. These companies cannot offer benefits like other established ones. So, you might have to settle for less when you are beginning your journey as a web developer.

Sedentary Lifestyle

As a web developer, you will spend a lot of time sitting in front of your computer. This sedentary lifestyle can be harmful to your health. Many people suffer from back pain, eyesight problems, and obesity as they do little movement throughout the day. You need to do light exercise and maintain a healthy diet to balance your life.


Being a web developer is not without its challenges. You need to keep an open mind and learn new languages, tools, and trends to stay ahead of the competition. This field demands a lot of problem-solving and a creative thinking mindset from developers. So, being ready to face such a situation will undoubtedly give you an edge.

Apart from the countless practical perks of being a web developer, there are many non-monetary benefits. According to a survey, globally, 72.8% of respondents reported positive job satisfaction in this field. Many web developers enjoy an excellent work-life balance, especially when working as freelancers.

A good website can undoubtedly help your business gain trust among customers and build the roadmap toward success. The importance of websites for businesses' success in Bangladesh is unceasingly rising. You will find ample opportunities in many startups and established companies as a web developer.

Finally, web development is a career path that can be exciting, rewarding, and stimulating. You need to invest a lot of time to become a good web developer. But in the end, it is a fulfilling endeavor that will satisfy you in the long run.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the demand for web developers increasing?

Ans: Yes. The demand for web developers is increasing at an 8% growth rate, double the national average of all occupations in most countries.

Is web development a tedious job?

Ans: No. Web development is considered an inspiring and creative workspace.

Can all web developers work from home?

Ans: All web development work can be done from home, as it only requires a computer and web development tools. However, you might be required to work physically at an office if your employer prefers it.

Is it hard to learn web development?

Ans: The learning process is subjective. However, with enough dedication and practice, you will be able to master the skills within a short period.

Is web development in demand in Bangladesh?

Ans: Bangladesh is progressing towards a more tech-diversified business approach, which has enabled the country's growth in web development fields. So, the demand for web developers is increasing in Bangladesh.

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