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Minute Media Scores Big: Acquires Sports Content Startup STN Video

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Technology and sports content company Minute Media has acquired STN Video, a Victoria-based company, in a deal for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition will integrate STN Video's extensive library of over 2 million videos into the Minute Media portfolio. The primary objective of this acquisition is to enhance Minute Media's capabilities in creating, distributing, and monetizing sports and culture content.

As part of the deal, Minute Media aims to leverage STN Video's sports content highlight rights and award-winning video technology. By incorporating these assets, Minute Media intends to offer its partners and clients a comprehensive perspective of the sports industry, combining content from athletes, teams, creators, and now, leagues. Asaf Peled, founder and CEO of Minute Media, highlighted the potential for a 360-degree view of the sports landscape through this strategic acquisition.

Established in 2010 as SendtoNews, the company has evolved into STN Video. It provides an online video platform featuring content from prominent sports leagues, including Major League Baseball and the National Football League. The platform enables publishers, such as the New York Post, Chicago Tribune, and Miami Herald, to embed code on their websites. Through this process, relevant video content is seamlessly integrated into their articles at no cost.

STN Video, having officially rebranded in 2021, asserts that it holds partnerships with every major sports league in the United States. Beyond its primary focus on sports content, the company's library encompasses business, technology, entertainment, and lifestyle. STN Video has established partnerships with notable entities such as Bloomberg and Variety, further expanding its reach across diverse content categories.

Matthew Watson, CEO of STN Video, expressed the company's mission, stating, "STN Video was built for distribution partners who care about content, user experience, and monetization." In a statement, he conveyed excitement about the ongoing journey with Minute Media, highlighting the collaborative efforts to maximize global video reach for content providers and advertisers across the diverse and unique platforms offered by Minute Media. This partnership aims to further enhance content distribution, user engagement, and revenue opportunities for both STN Video and Minute Media in the evolving digital landscape.

Minute Media, identified as a global content company, boasts an impressive reach of 200 million monthly users through its platform. The company focuses on supporting the creation, distribution, and monetization of digital short-form content experiences.

Over the past seven years, STN Video has gained recognition by making multiple appearances on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 list. This list highlights Canadian companies that have demonstrated significant revenue growth over a three-year period.

According to a spokesperson for STN Video, the entire team will remain intact, and the company will continue its operations from Victoria. Notably, half of the team is already distributed across both Canada and the United States. This strategic move ensures the continuity of the company's operations and leverages the diverse expertise of its team members situated in different locations.

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