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Relevant technique to rectify QuickBooks Error 248


QuickBooks payroll is a widely used service in small organizations in various countries. The service makes the employee payroll and tax submission easy but can get interrupted by QuickBooks error 248, which develops randomly. On the off chance you run into this error on your QBDT, this blog will help you understand why this happens and the steps required to remove it from your PC.

Eliminate the error quickly with the assistance of our QB support team available at 1.855.738.2784.

Why you run into this QB payroll error?

You’ll run into this error while executing payroll processes or creating a backup of your QB data. The conditions that provoke this error’s occurrence in QBDT are mentioned below-

  • QuickBooks might fail to run due to an old version of Windows, which does not comply with the software's minimum requirements.
  • A discrepancy has occurred in the accounting data due to overpaid tax amounts or employee salaries.
  • The info entered in the paychecks is incorrect, or many undelivered paychecks are already in the software.

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Accurate solution for this payroll error

Payroll processes instantly crash when you see the QuickBooks error message 248 on the screen. The easy technique you can apply to remove the error effectively from your PC is mentioned below-

Solution- Remove the defective paychecks from your QBDT after checking the payroll report

QBDT runs into this runtime error while sending paychecks or creating data backup if there’s a discrepancy in the accounting data. This can happen if the tax amount or employee salaries are overpaid. You won’t be able to deliver paychecks, and a QuickBooks error code 248 will be displayed on the screen. After saving their details, you’ll have to delete the faulty paychecks from the software, as it’ll be needed later. You also need to verify that the paycheck info is correct and that they are being delivered timely. You can conveniently do it with the help of the payroll reports, as shown in the following steps-

  1. Launch your QuickBooks and access the Reports menu.
  2. Navigate to the Employees and Payroll option and tap Payroll Report.
  3. After the payroll report is visible, go through it to find the faulty paychecks with incorrect amounts.

After you find out the faulty paychecks that cause this QBDT error, you need to remove them from the software and recreate them manually. The software might struggle to deliver fresh paychecks until the faulty ones are removed. Refer to the following steps to remove paychecks from your QuickBooks-

  1. Click the Employees menu on the top of the QB screen and select Payroll Center.
  2. Tap Net Pay Amount in the Recent Payroll column to see all the paychecks.
  3. Double-click on the paychecks individually to see their details.
  4. Tap Delete on all the paychecks having incorrect amounts or info.
  5. Click Ok when a Delete Transaction window appears.
  6. Delete all the faulty paychecks and reopen your QuickBooks to perform the task that caused this error.


This is the end of our blog discussing why QuickBooks error 248 stops you from sending paychecks or creating a backup. The verified method that’ll help you terminate the payroll issue is included in the blog, and we hope you utilize them to prevent the problems from developing again.

Consult our QB experts at 1.855.738.2784 to clarify your remaining doubts about this error.

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