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The 7 Best Jojo Moyes Books You Need To Read

Jojo Moyes Books . 

The 7 Best Jojo Moyes Books You Need To Read


Before diving into this list of Jojo Moyes' top books, you may be wondering: do you have to read Jojo Moyes' books in order? The good news is that most of Moyes' novels are stand-alone stories, so you can read them in any order you like! Her most popular works like Me Before You and The Last Letter from Your Lover do become more meaningful if you follow series orders. But overall, you can pick up any of these highly-rated reads as your introduction to this talented contemporary author.

Jojo Moyes is one of the most popular contemporary authors, known for heartwarming love stories that tug at your heartstrings. She has written numerous bestselling novels over the past decade, many of which have been adapted into major motion pictures.

If you're new to Jojo Moyes and wondering which of her books to start with first, check out this list of her 7 top books according to fans and reviewers.

Paris For One and Other Stories

Ranking at the very top of the list is Paris For One and Other Stories. This novella and short story collection includes the incredibly popular title story Paris For One, which also exists in audiobook format narrated by Fiona Hardingham. The Paris for One novella tells the story of 26-year-old Nell, who discovers her boyfriend is not actually on their romantic weekend getaway to Paris. If you're looking for a quick paris for one summary, here's the gist: Instead of cancelling her plans, Nell decides to enjoy Paris on her own. During her adventures, she eats great food, makes new friends, and has exhilarating travel experiences that make her realize independence and self-love are more important than her absent boyfriend.

Fans love this uplifting and relatable story about finding oneself. The additional short stories in this collection are just as entertaining.

Me Before You Trilogy

The Me Before You trilogy is considered JoJo Moyes' most popular series. The 3 books in order are:

  • Me Before You
  • After You
  • Still Me

The first book introduces Louisa Clark and Will Trainor, who come from completely different worlds. When Louisa becomes Will's caregiver, they develop an unlikely bond that turns into love. However, their romance faces seemingly impossible obstacles.

Readers connecting deeply with the main characters makes this trilogy so memorable. The books tackle heavy emotional topics like grief, loss, class differences, and accepting life's difficult challenges.

Bring Up the Bodies

An earlier release from 2012, Bring Up the Bodies is a historical fiction novel that continues the story of Thomas Cromwell from Moyes' first novel Wolf Hall.

The book centers around one of the most drama-filled times in King Henry VII's reign when he discards his wife Anne Boleyn in brutal fashion to marry Jane Seymour. As the King's chief minister, Thomas Cromwell plays his hand in orchestrating Anne Boleyn's ultimate demise.

Fans of historical fiction and Tudor historical royals will love this engrossing story full of scheming, scandals, and manipulation.

The Giver of Stars

Inspired by the true story of the Pack Horse Librarians initiative established by Eleanor Roosevelt during the Great Depression, The Giver of Stars follows Alice, an English bride who comes to a small Kentucky mining town in the 1930s looking for freedom and adventure.

She ends up joining the traveling librarians who deliver books to impoverished rural folk living in the remote Appalachian mountains. Facing immense hardships and dangers, the women discover independence, strength and sisterhood through their work.

Book reviewers say The Giver of Stars has the perfect balance of compelling history and courageous heroines to keep you hooked.

The Last Letter from Your Lover

The Last Letter from Your Lover toggles between the 1960s and early 2000s to follow Ellie Haworth’s present-day quest to uncover the story of a decades-old affair, after coming across a hidden love letter.

As Ellie pieces history together, the book goes back in time to tell the 1960s romance between Jennifer Stirling, a wealthy housewife trapped in a passionless marriage, and Anthony O’Hare, the charming financial journalist also in an unhappy relationship.

With parallel love stories decades apart full of missed connections and longing, this book keeps your yearning for more through every chapter. It's a novel that reminds you fate has a way of circling back no matter the obstacles that exist.

The Girl You Left Behind

Set in World War I era France, The Girl You Left Behind depicts the blossoming love between Sophie Lefèvre and Édouard Lefèvre shortly after the German army occupies the small French town of St. Péronne in 1914.

When a dangerous turn of events during the war forces them apart, the story skips to almost 100 years later when Sophie is just a portrait on Liv Halston’s wall – a wedding gift from her late husband. But when the painting’s origins spark controversy, Liv is determined to do whatever it takes to keep this last piece of Sophie and Édouard's interrupted romance.

Spanning generations and blended with suspense, this historical novel keeps you entranced in its epic tale of longing, loss and perseverance.

Night Music

And finally, we have the 2022 novel Night Music. Set during the late 1930s Spanish Civil War and present day London, Night Music explores the relationship between a woman and her late grandmother after she discovers a stack of old letters in her piano bench that pulls her into a tangled web of the past.

This newest novel by Jojo Moyes expertly crosses multiple timelines and features a dual storyline connected by a family mystery. Reviewers call it a masterful, emotional and compelling tale of secrets that highlights the enduring power of love.

The book just released earlier this year, but it’s already being named one of Moyes’ best novels yet thanks to its rich, vivid characters and ability to wholly captivate readers.

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