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What are the psychological facts about dreams?

Behavior will Profit Others,Common Ways,Justify Unethical Behaviors . 

If you are interested in psychological dreams and have been reading various articles, then you probably might know many of these facts, but if you're a beginner, trust me, you'll love these facts!

Men and women have different dreams. Men usually have comparatively aggressive dreams

 while women have comparatively emotional dreams.

Many cases are recorded where people foresee their future in a dream.

You always dream. ALWAYS. Even if you don't remember a single dream, you do dream, always it's just that you forget.

Women have dreams which last longer.

People who have grown up watching black and white tv tend to have black-and-white dreams.

You forget your dreams a few minutes after waking up. Hence, it is advised to keep a notepad 

You can control your dreams. YES!Do you remember a time when you were technically ‘asleep' and knew that you were dreaming? if yes, this is the time you can control your dreams.

You never see new faces. Maybe, that person who you didn't recognize from your dream was the one sipping tea in the restaurant you visited the other day? Your subconscious mind saved all these faces.

Most of your dreams can be negative.

Blind people dream too. And they can see images in their dreams! Interesting, huh?

We have longer dreams in the morning!

Nightmares are more common in children than in adults.

People over the age of 10 have atleast 4-6 dreams every day.

The sudden strong or jolts or the feeling of falling just as you're about to fall asleep are called Hypnic Jerks and these may be the reason for dreams about falling which is one of the most common dream themes.

If you want to know more interesting facts, do drop a comment, and I'll surely add many more facts!


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