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Why Do You Need An Air Compressor For Home Garage

air compressor,air compressor for home garage . 

This post will provide comprehensive advice on how to choose the best air compressor for a home garage. An air compressor is a machine that produces a high-pressure area where compressed air can be stored. The compressed air is then released in the user's direction. Except for the numerous gadget attachments, it functions similarly to a leaf blower or perhaps a reverse vacuum. The following functions are carried out by these devices by controlling the compressed air's power:

  • Blowing leaves and dirt out of the garage.
  • Removing wood dust after sanding or before painting furniture.
  • Nailing small nails, brads, and staples into a position.
  • Filling car, bike, and wheelbarrow tires.
  • Sanding or grinding using a pneumatic tool, such as a pneumatic palm sander.
  • Employing grease via a grease gun.
  • Painting with the use of a spray gun.
  • Driving bolts by an impact wrench.

Power tools like an air hammer, brad nailer, impact driver, and reverse drill can all be operated by an air compressor for home garage. However, larger and more potent air compressors are typically required for equipment like impact drivers and grinders. Therefore, you cannot effectively drive them with a standard 6-gallon home compressor.

air compressor

Air Compressor Parts

A typical setup, such as on the Porter-Cable air compressor model, has just a few components you should know about.

Tank Pressure Gauge 

This component shows the air pressure inside the tank.

Regulated Pressure Gauge 

It indicates the pressure delivered out to the hose, which is less than the air tank pressure.


This is a knob that reduces the pressure from the tank to the hose.

On/Off Switch 

This is a component to turn the compressor on or off.

Safety Valve 

When the internal pressure is too high, this valve opens. It can also be pulled to remove the air pressure from your tank. When a tank is not in use, it should not be left under pressure.

Air Hose Exit 

This part is a quick connector where the hose can be connected.

Drain Valve 

The drain valve is located at the bottom of the air compressor for home garage. The tank keeps the air at high pressure, which makes water condense inside. This water is not desired to be gathered at the bottom of the tank, and it needs to be drained occasionally.

Compressor Designs 

There are three main compressor designs. The most common is the piston-powered compressor. There are cylinders with reciprocating pistons in a piston-powered unit to squeeze the air and send it to the tank.

The other two compressor designs are rotary-screw and scroll air compressor for home garage units which are not found on the home garage compressors.

Buying Guide for the Best Air Compressor for Home Garage

  • Buyers of air compressor for home garage typically do so with a specific objective in mind, such as the requirement for a nail gun for a forthcoming project or to stock a garage workshop.
    The typical purchase that makes sense consists of the following things:
  • Air compressor in the shape of a pancake
  • A design for an oil-free air compressor
  • An air compressor with a minimum 5-gallon capacity
  • A blower with a maximum air pressure of more than 120 psi
    When selecting the best compressor, keep the following things in mind:

Power Supply 

There are two choices for an air compressor for home garage power supply. The most usual power source is an electric motor driving a separate compressor unit. Mostly, electric compressors for home garage work on 115-volt and 20-amp currents. Electric air compressors are common in home garage applications because of their convenience, cleanliness, and quieter performance.

Another alternative for energy sources is gas-powered engines which are suitable options for portable air compressors where the power grid is not available. However, these air compressors are not the best solution for home garage uses. They are noisier and not as clean as electric air compressors. In addition, the exhaust fumes need ventilation to prevent health dangers due to use in an enclosed space.

Air Capacity 

Air capacity means the air volume the air compressor for home garage can produce, store and refill within a specified period of time. Both air volume and air pressure determine the air capacity of the compressor.

Air volume refers to the volume of compressed air your compressor can provide and store in the tank. Manufacturers measure this parameter in cubic feet per minute (CFM) which is the volume of atmospheric air compressed and released within one minute.

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Basic Information


The 2.5 HP Rolair VT25BIG Wheeled Air Compressor has the most exceptional features to handle all of your large chores with great power performance. This small air tool's foldable handle is a standout feature. This grants the compressor good movement when combined with the sizable heavy-duty wheels. But compared to the others, this compressor is one of the biggest.

Despite this heavy usage, this machine only consumes 13.8 amps when regulated to a standard 15 amp breaker.

The motor's ball bearings reduce friction as the machine runs at a high speed. This compressor also has a corrosion-resistant finish and can be used in any outdoor application.

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