5 Best Certification For Python Beginners

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5 Best Certification For Python Beginners

Python is a popular programming language that offers tons of advantages and career opportunities. It is said to be the preferred and primary language used by around 79% of developers. In 2019, Google’s algorithms showed that Python ranked as the second most searched computer language. Its Windows version has also garnered over 23 million downloads.


What makes Python popular?

Python developer jobs and projects encompass an extensive range of industries and applications. Not only that, but it also offers opportunities for both team-based and independent projects. Learning the syntax and framework of Python provides a suitable environment for enhancing your coding skills.

Another notable feature that makes Python highly recommended is its simplistic syntax, versatile application, and open-source structure. 


What does this mean?

Python is paired with AI software and machine learning innovations because of its capability to imitate natural language. AI uses natural language processing to decode human communication and context. In terms of a versatile application, there are several career paths that you can choose from. You can become a Data Analyst, Web Application Developer, Computer Science Instructor, Product Developer and Manager, Full Stack Developer, or Financial Advisor.

As an open-source system, you can easily share and distribute it without worrying about infringing any copyrights. You can use it freely for commercial or business-related purposes.


What is a Certification for Python?

Acquiring a Python Certification is an excellent way to attest to your skills and level of competence in the field. Think of it as the equivalent of a college diploma or completion of a degree.

Considering how vast Python’s framework and coverage is when applied to a professional work setting, it is not surprising that the competition is also quite tough. Hence, you need solid proof to get shortlisted even when faced with other candidates with a broader background and more competitive qualifications. Some of the most typical career trajectories you can take as a Python developer or programmer include software testing, creating websites and applications, and even AI-based functions. Who knows, if you continue to forge ahead, you could land more amazing job offers in large-scale companies such as Google and Spotify, or government agencies like NASA.


Where to get a Python Certification?

At present, most certifications for Python are available online. Online courses are provided to aspiring students. After completing the course or program, they are required to take a test to qualify for the certificate that suits their level of expertise. An example of a digital institution that offers online training and career support for aspiring Python developers is the Scholars International Institute of Technology. They also offer courses in IT, SAP, Google, Microsoft, Java and Adobe Technologies, Digital Marketing, and Telecommunications. You can also try open online course providers like Udemy and Coursera.

Here are some of the best certifications for Python Beginners:


PCEP — Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

PCEP is given when a programmer has mastered both the fundamental framework of Python and the universal concepts of programming in general. Individuals who undergo this certification have acquired the necessary skills in understanding and applying the semantics, syntax, functions, data structures, conditions, runtime points, and containers of the programming language.

It comprises a total of 30 questions and has an average passing rate of 70%. You can take practice tests for PCEP to prepare for the actual exam.


Introduction to Programming Using Python (Microsoft)

This entry-level exam is provided by none other than Microsoft. It does not come with any training or course. To qualify, you must have at least 100 hours worth of experience in operating and applying Python’s fundamentals. The exam is also quite costly, priced at $127. 

On the bright side, Microsoft is one of the most renowned providers of Python certification. The mere association with the multinational tech giant is enough to make future employers put you at the top of their list of preferred candidates.


PCAP — Certified Associate in Python Programming

While the requirements are almost the same as the ones sought in PCEP, it gives you a higher level of validation as a competent Python Developer. It is an ideal choice if you garnered more than an entry-level background in Python and are aiming to advance to a more advanced job role. PCAP leverages your career opportunities and boosts your credentials for higher-tiered positions.


Dataquest Certifications

What makes Dataquest’s certifications best for beginners is it focuses more on skills and knowledge that span Python’s role in analyzing and handling data. It is the certification you should go for if you are more interested in pursuing a job as a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, or Data Analyst. 

However, you must also be well-versed in other programming languages and applications aside from Python. You need to have substantial training in Git or SQL.

The certification is offered with a course that entails a subscription and payment of $399 for the full price. 


Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

Google’s Python certification comes with a six-part course. The program’s core objectives are to assist IT professionals in building their career and foundation by focusing on core skills and in-demand expertise in tech.

It goes beyond beginner or basic positions because you will be taught other relevant IT skills such as Git, and GitHub. The course is good for six months. Once completed and certified, you are opening possibilities to be hired as a Junior Systems Administrator and other more specialized programming and development careers in big-time corporations.

Find a certification that best highlights your job hunting goals and skills and do your best to ace it. A career in the field of IT is an excellent professional path to pursue. Innovations are surrounding businesses and consumers across the globe. As such, finding a new job in the said sector should help you land more career opportunities that have a high chance of staying relevant and in-demand for years to come.

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