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  • 5 Nov, 2020

    How to Change Your YouTube Profile Picture

    How To Change Your YouTube Display Picture On The Web To change your profile picture via your web browser, first, log in to your YouTube account on If you don't have an account already, click on the Sign In option in the top-right corner of the YouTube homepage. Then on the next page that comes up, click on the Create an account option. Once you log in to YouTube on your browser, use the following guide to change your YouTube display picture. First, click on the large round ico.

  • 5 Nov, 2020

    How to Sort Columns Like a Pro in Google Sheets

    Sorting Google Sheets By Columns Spreadsheets use columns and rows. Columns go from top to bottom, and rows go across from left to right. Rows are numbered, and columns are referenced with letters. The numbers and letters appear on the left and top edges of the spreadsheet, respectively. Spreadsheets are usually structured so that each row represents one group of information, and each column represents one piece of that information. Each row represents one song. And each column represents inf.

  • 4 Nov, 2020

    How to Clean Up Your Computer to Its Original State (Without Reinstalling Windows)

    Use Windows 10'S "Keep My Files" Feature Did you know that Windows 10 has a factory reset feature that doesn't touch your precious files? It's a great way to clean your PC without reinstalling Windows 10 in its entirety. While Keep My Files does technically reinstall Windows, it's more of a "soft reinstall." It reinstalls all the system files but preserves all your personal stuff, so you don't need to red0wnload all your programs and data afterward. Use Windows Restore Points To Revert To A P.

  • 4 Nov, 2020

    How to Create Windows 10 Installation Media

    1. Windows Media Creation Tool The first and most obvious choice for creating Windows 10 installation media is the Windows Media Creation Tool. This application allows you to download the Home or Pro versions of Windows 10, and you can pick from the 32-bit or 64-bit version for both. Following your selections, you can choose to install directly to a USB drive or download a single or dual-use ISO to install to a disc at a later time. Download the Windows Media Creation Tool. Once downloaded, ru.

  • 3 Nov, 2020

    How to Get the HTC Sense Weather & Clock Widget on Android

    Sense Flip Clock & Weather The Android operating system has produced some iconic designs. One of the most notable of the early Android days was the HTC Sense Weather & Clock widget. If you remember this classic widget fondly, you can use it today on your Android smartphone. You won’t need an HTC phone to use these widgets. Third-party developers have recreated the HTC Weather & Clock widget for anyone to use. All you need to do is download them from the Google Play .

  • 3 Nov, 2020

    How to View Your FaceTime Live Photos on Your Apple Device

    How to Take Live Photos in FaceTime You can take a Live Photo during a FaceTime call using the shutter button. This appears when you tap the screen on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch or when you hover your mouse over the FaceTime window on a Mac. It looks like two white circles, one inside the other. In a Group chat on FaceTime for iOS, select the person’s tile you want to take a photo of, then tap the Fullscreen button to reveal the Live Photo shutter&n.

  • 2 Nov, 2020

    How to Find and Install Third-Party Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

    Fantastic Shortcuts and Where to Find Them The Shortcuts app on iPhone and iPad is great for creating simple and complex automations. If you’re uncomfortable making your own, though, there are some custom-made third-party shortcuts available online. Once you find a shortcut you like, installing it on your iPhone or iPad just takes a couple of taps. There are several shortcut communities and resources online. Below are some of our favorite shortcut sources: r/Shortcuts: This subreddit .

  • 2 Nov, 2020

    How to Fix the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION Stop Code Error in Windows

    What Is The DPC Watchdog Violation Error? The DPC Watchdog Violation error stems from system hardware issues and advises you that Windows couldn't communicate with the hardware properly. When Windows 10 was first introduced back in 2015, there was a glut of DPC Watchdog Violation errors relating to solid-state drives (SSDs), such as outdated SSD firmware, old SSD driver versions, or hardware incompatibility issues. The issue was that SSD manufacturers hadn't developed and released updated driv.

  • 31 Oct, 2020

    How to Change Your Status on Discord

    Change Your Discord Status on Windows or Mac To change your Discord status, you’ll need to be signed in to your account on the Discord website or the desktop app for Windows or Mac. The Discord interface is the same for Windows and Mac. The steps below should help you change your Discord status, whether you’re using the website or desktop app. Your Discord status is account-wide, so your updated message will appear to everyone on all the Discord servers you’ve joined. To sta.

  • 31 Oct, 2020

    How to Sign up for Apple One on iPhone and iPad

    Sign up for Apple One Apple One is a subscription bundle of the Silicon Valley company’s services that, when combined, cost less than they would when individually packaged together. If you’re looking to save a couple of dollars each month, here’s how to sign up for Apple One using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. There are three different Apple One plans you can choose from. The Family and Premier tiers can be shared with up to five users: Individual ($12.95/month, save $6/month.

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