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How To Activate Windows Or Office

Office, Windows. 

Of course, Microsoft products are convenient and proven, but there is not always money to purchase a license. There is a way to install a paid program without spending a penny. It is about him that will be discussed in this article.

What is KMSAuto++ and what is it for?

KMSAuto is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to activate Windows and Microsoft Office.

KMS is a key management system. It consists of two parts: the client, which works directly in the OS) and the server, which is a remote service for activation.

To access the program, the activator creates a server inside Windows that appears to be authentic. All this is done imperceptibly and without large resource costs.

How to use it?

At first glance, activation may seem difficult, especially for those who are facing it for the first time. But once you understand the principle of its operation, you will have no difficulty activating the necessary license.

There are 2 ways of activation. Automatic and manual.

Detailed information about Microsoft Office or Windows activation.

Automatic activation method

The first thing you need to do is disable the Antivirus, if there is one. It can prevent both downloading of this program, as it works in the case of both a real threat and a false one. Therefore, it is worth choosing a proven site so as not to infect the system.

Download the newest version of the KMSAuto program and run the file. Please note that you need to do this on behalf of the administrator.

Choose the Microsoft product that you need to activate.

Next, the automatic activation process will take place, which you can watch in the blue window. On average, it takes 2-3 minutes.


Done. Now you have received a licensed version of Microsoft products completely free of charge and can use it freely.

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