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How To Mute Someone On Discord

How to Mute Someone on Discord. 

How to Mute Someone on Discord

Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution application designed for creating communities. Users or members can communicate via voice calls, text messages, video calls, media and files in private chats. 

Discord is one amongst the most popular text and voice chat platforms on the internet. It’s majorly used for everything from the gaming communities to niche, enthusiast groups and everything in between it. Unfortunately, as with any online community you know, Discord can attract a little bad apples.

If you only use Discord with pals, you will likely not need to make use of the Mute function. If you’re a part of larger communities, though, you might come in contact with someone that harasses you or that speaks in a rather distasteful way. This article will guide you and show you exactly what you need to do to mute someone on Discord. 


Blocking vs. Muting vs. Discord Users 

There are two major ways to stop someone from interacting with you on Discord:

1. By blocking the person, and

2. By muting the person.

If you mute someone in a voice channel, you won’t be able to hear anything they post. However, the person can still send you messages and communicate through text.

If you have blocked a user, not only will you stop from seeing what they post in a Discord channel, but they will never be able to communicate with you or send you private messages.


Will This Users Know That They’ve Been Blocked or Muted?

There are some problems that can arise if you Mute or you Block someone on Discord. First of all, it can get the user offended. In a very tight-knit community, this can lead to a big drama and even cause conflicts. That’s not something anybody wants, especially considering how these problems can divide groups very easily.

The great news is that Discord will never notify its users if they have been muted. They won’t just be able to receive any message or any notification, but all they might notice is that you have stopped responding to the things they say in the channel. Of course, in some channels that have about a dozens or hundreds of users, this will be significantly less or not noticeable.

One thing that is to be noted, is that Discord does not notify users even if you have blocked them or you mute them. However, if have blocked a user and they try to message you, it won’t go through; instead, it will just show the sender a generic message that you accept private messages from friends only. 

To be specific and sincere, It’s not a perfect solution, especially if the user you have blocked knows how to contact you outside of Discord, but it’s one good way to fend off less than the desirable communication you want. 


When Should Someone be Muted on Discord?

It is best on you to decide. If you mute someone in Discord you will not hear anything anymore, such as what they are saying in a voice chat. There are times when you muting them is very appropriate, and other times when just having a simple conversation can solve the whole problem.

If you’re having a voice chat with someone and then they are typing too loud and disturbing with their keypad, or playing music in the background, or doing something else that is really distracting, you can at that time mute them to reduce the sound. This is also very beneficial if you are in a room with someone else and the both of you are in the same Discord channel. Note that muting one another will prevent feedback through the speakers and it will benefit everyone else in the channel.

If someone is harassing you on the channel, threatening you, or acting in a sexually inappropriate manner, what you should do is to screenshot the conversation and send it to Discord’s administration team before you go ahead to block the user. If the threats are very severe or involving your life, consider going straight to contact your local police.


How to Mute Entire Channel on Discord

If you wish to mute someone in Discord, it's very simple. If you are in the voice channel with a user, just right-click their name and then you check the Mute box from the menu  and that's all. Until you uncheck the box, that user will not be unmuted. 

You can also use this method of selecting a user from the list of members in a channel and then you right-click their name. Now you can choose Mute from the menu just as if you chose their name from the voice channel. 

If it is an entire channel that is bothering you (perhaps too there are many notifications), you can just mute the entire channel. What you should do is Right-click the channel name and choose Mute Channel. You can either choose to mute it for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, or even until you feel like unmuting it. 

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