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How To Open An Online Checking Account For Free


WestStein is your easiest way to open a checking account online in minutes. No more paperwork and wasted time. You will receive a modern tool for managing your own finances.

How to open an account

WestStein is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. After all, it is much more comfortable and modern than the bank whose services you use now.

Opening a current account online takes literally five minutes, for this you need to follow a few simple steps. To do this, you need to fill out a very simple registration form, indicating the requested information. You will get the possibility of a current account for free, which also saves you a lot of money.

Step by step instructions will explain to you how to open a checking account for free. Next, so that we can keep in touch with you, the system will ask you to confirm your email and your current phone number.

Now you know how to open an online account. You will get access to your account immediately after registration. Now you can safely use your own account online, you just need to replenish it.

When you have a WestStein online account, you can also receive a card, it will be issued in 10 business days. Now all your financial transactions will become easier and safer.

Benefits of WestStein

We have an individual approach to servicing each client. Therefore, we will contact you in the language you specified during registration. Information in the language of your choice regarding transactions and work with WestStein will be sent to your email. If necessary, you can also request information at any time.

Another reason to open an account online is the most easy-to-use portal designed directly for customers. A mobile application is also available, which is designed to simplify the process of performing a number of basic tasks. With their own account, the client can also issue up to three cards for family members. This service is completely free. Customers get the opportunity to replenish their account with SEPA transfers (in euros) or simple transfers from another card.

But one of the main advantages of WestStein is 100% security and privacy. You will receive Mastercard 3D Secure protection. The security of purchases is also reaching a new level, because two-step verification of online purchases has been introduced.

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