Ingressive For Good Has Trained More Than 60,000 Young Africans In Tech In Just One Year

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Ingressive For Good has trained more than 60,000 young Africans in Tech in just one year

CrystalBell Omuboye is the first child in a family of six children, all of whom have unemployed parents. Early in her life, she learned to make and sell liquid soap in order to provide for herself, but the money she earned from this endeavor was barely enough to cover her basic living expenses. Crystalbell enrolled in the Ingressive For Good's Technical Training program as a means of escaping the grossly inadequate system she was battling at the time. Crystalbell was determined to change the course of her life and enrolled in the program as a means of escaping the system. The program provided her with the tools and learning resources she needed to make the transition from a front-end developer to a full stack developer. She recently landed a developer position and is now earning ten times what she was previously earning. Her outlook on life has completely shifted.

Crystabell's story is just one of more than 60, 000 youths who have been trained in technology by Ingressive For Good since the organization's inception one year ago. Ingressive For Good (I4G) is a tech non-profit foundation that was founded in 2020 by Maya Horgan Famodu and Sean Burrowes to combat unemployment in Africa by providing young people with technology skills and resources to help them find opportunities and increase their earning power. The foundation intends to accomplish this through the use of three pillars: micro-scholarships, technical training, and placement of talented individuals.

I4Micro-scholarship G's program provides scholarships and laptops to students from low-income families who are studying computer science at prestigious African institutions of higher learning. These students are also connected to mentors and tech jobs, thereby directing resources to those with the greatest impact potential, strengthening the overall African technical talent development pipeline, and assisting in the monetization of tech skills that can open doors to new opportunities both locally and internationally.

In Partnership With Global Trainers

The technical training program, which is similar to the micro-scholarship program, is a non-academic scholarship that is offered in partnership with global trainers such as HNG, Facebook, Enye, Coursera, Datacamp, and others to provide youths with digital tech skills in the areas of programming and design (tech). This pillar of the foundation's mission is to ensure that youths in its network who have accessed one or more of its programs are job-ready and are connected to opportunities.

Its mission is to empower one million African youths, create 5000 jobs, and award $1 million in scholarships across the continent within five years, according to I4website. G's In order to accomplish this, the foundation collaborates with training organizations to develop learning modules that aid in the development of its community members. I4G provides a full circle process that identifies the best of the best and places them in jobs while empowering the rest with skills to secure jobs, explore freelancing opportunities, or start thriving businesses. This is accomplished through collaboration with recruiters, HR staff, and technology companies to present talents to the job market.

“We discovered that training for the sake of training is neither engaging nor sustainable when people are faced with genuine needs today. Ingressive For Good cofounder and chief operating officer Sean Burrowes says that African youth cannot consume online course links or spend certificates.

Moving Forward

At this point, Ingressive For Good has made a significant dent in the effort to connect African talents with opportunities. Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, and Benin are among the countries where the foundation has seen the greatest amount of participation. More than $42,600 in scholarships have been awarded to qualified candidates, who have been placed in more than 300 tech jobs. It has trained 66,570 African youths.

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