TechAdvance Introduces Bloc, A Platform For Rapidly Developing FinTech Applications

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TechAdvance introduces Bloc, a platform for rapidly developing FinTech applications

Bloc enables startups and enterprises of all sizes to rapidly develop, launch, and scale FinTech applications — in less than half the time it typically takes.

On Monday, September 13th, 2021, TechAdvance announced the official release of Bloc—a proprietary suite of APIs that enables anyone to launch a FinTech product in a fraction of the time it typically takes. TechAdvance's Bloc platform makes FinTech accessible to everyone—tech companies, internet startups, small businesses, and large corporations alike.

The announcement coincides with the launch of five Bloc API products: eWallets and Virtual Accounts, Utilities, CashCode, Agency Banking, and Transfers.

“All businesses will evolve into FinTech businesses,” Edmund Olotu, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of TechAdvance, stated. Edmund stated during an internal meeting that "with our APIs, businesses/startups can now offer a range of banking and financial services to their customers." Businesses can increase revenue and maintain profitability by utilizing cash deposits and withdrawals, local and international wallets, recurring payments, cardless withdrawals, bill payments, and individual and bulk transfers”.

Built for speed, ease, and compliance

Bloc provides peace of mind to any startup or corporation in three ways, all of which are built with an obsessive attention to detail.

1. Faster time to market 

With Bloc, all of the complications associated with developing and launching a product are eliminated, allowing you to focus entirely on what matters: your product. We hold all necessary licenses and adhere to the strictest security standards necessary to provide you with our API products.

2. Ease of use and integration

Engineers can sign up in minutes and gain access to API products for integration. Additionally, Bloc simplifies deployment, updates, and management, and it is highly compatible with third-party APIs.

3. 100% Compliant

By design, Bloc is secure and protected. Always current, Bloc maintains ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS security certifications, as well as licenses such as the CBN-issued Micro Finance Bank License, the NCC-Value Added Services license, and a PSSP license.

More Opportunities for the African FinTech Space

For more than a decade, TechAdvance has been a driving force in the country's technology sector. By establishing global infrastructure for African FinTech and providing tools for expansion beyond the continent's borders, we take a step in the right direction with Bloc.

Bloc enables easy access to the gold mine of FinTech solutions, ranging from payment gateways to international payments, global digital banks, and decentralized finance.

In Conclusion

We are developing programs and opportunities to strengthen developer relationships and contribute to the space's talent pipeline. Additionally, we are committed to collaborating with young startups and founders interested in developing solutions using our captive banking model.

These programs and collaborations will build on critical work highlighting the importance of distributed financial services while also accelerating innovation in African FinTech.

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