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The Fascinating Power Of Color: How Interface Choices Affect Online Business

UI/UX, eCommerce. 

Color is a magical ingredient that can change our perception of the world. In the world of online business, where first impressions matter, using the right color can be the deciding factor between success and failure.

In this article, we will look at how interface color affects e-commerce and how choosing the right colors can increase conversions.


  • Color Psychology: Why Is It Important?
  • Color Selection: The Key to Conversion
  • Organization of Selection by Color

Color Psychology: Why Is It Important?

The psychological impact of colors on human perception has long been studied and used in marketing strategies. It is worth noting that it is best to use special mobile applications, for example, shopify color swatches, to intelligently adjust the color range of the site, as well as the products in the catalog. Each color has its own emotional color and can cause certain associations in consumers. Here are some examples:

  • Red. Stimulates energy and increases appetite. It is often used in the restaurant business and discount advertising.
  • Blue. Calm and trusting. It is well suited for brands that want to emphasize their reliability and professionalism.
  • Yellow. Associated with happiness and optimism. It is often used to attract attention and improve the mood of consumers.

Understanding these effects helps you choose the colors that best suit your site's purpose.

Color Selection: The Key to Conversion

When creating an online store, it is important to choose colors that stimulate buyers to action. Research shows that certain colors can increase conversions and increase sales. Example:

  1. Green buy button. The color green is associated with growth and financial success. Using a green buy button can increase the confidence of buyers in their decision.
  2. Orange for discounts. Orange is known for its ability to attract attention. Using orange to highlight promotions and discounts can attract more shoppers.
  3. Yellow for reviews and ratings. Yellow attracts attention and stimulates activity. Using yellow to display positive reviews and high ratings can increase customer confidence in the product.

Organization of Selection by Color

Representing products by color can greatly facilitate the navigation of the buyer and help them find the desired product faster. There are several ways to help organize a selection of products by color:

  • Color Filters. Adding color filters to your catalog page allows shoppers to quickly filter items based on their color.
  • Color Image. For each product, provide an image in all available colors. This will allow buyers to better imagine how the product looks in different colors.
  • Color Markers. Use colored markers or icons to highlight the availability of a product in certain colors on a catalog page.

Color is a powerful tool that can influence buyers' decisions in an online business. By choosing the right colors for your interface and organizing your product selection by color, you can increase conversions and improve the user experience. Remember the psychology of color and use it effectively to achieve your business goals.

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