Twitch Chat Logs – How To View Previous Messages

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Twitch Chat Logs – How to View Previous Messages

There are a variety of reasons why you may wish to review your chat history. You may wish to peruse it in order to ascertain how your viewers felt about a particular segment of your stream or their interactions with one another. Your chat can be an excellent tool for gathering information about your audience and tailoring your content and brand to them.

This post will discuss several methods for reading your Twitch chat logs in order to stay connected to your community.

Justifications for Examining Twitch Chat Logs

Several reasons to examine your logs include the following:

1. Evaluate the audience's response

Understanding how your audience responds to your content will help you determine which direction to take in the future. When your channel has an active chat, newcomers are more likely to stick around.

2. Inappropriate Behavior

If you were unable to do so during the stream, you can report inappropriate comments to Twitch via your chat logs. While you will hopefully not have to do so frequently, the platform is becoming more serious about policing toxicity, and you will need to ensure that your content continues to be liked.

3. Moderation

When it comes to banning people, your moderators may want to review the content first. This allows them to tailor the duration of the ban to the severity of the content.

4. Cultural Understanding

Twitch culture advances and evolves at a breakneck pace. Even if you spend a lot of time on the site, you may come across a new meme in your stream. You can examine your logs to isolate data so that you can remain current with the platform.

5. Content Advice

If a viewer provided you with feedback or advice about your streaming or content, you may wish to review it later so that you can take more accurate notes and implement their suggestions.


The Best Way to View Twitch Logs

Some of the best ways to view twitch logs are:

1. Record and playback VoDs

This is the only way to view the entire chat log in a secure manner. If a moderator deletes a comment, it will not appear in search or via third-party programs.

2. Examine Specific Remarks Using the User Search Command

This is the most efficient way to locate a specific viewer's comment in the event that you need to report them or respond to a statement. To view what they've said via this method, you must know their username.

3. Make use of third-party applications such as Chatty or Logviewer

This is a long-term solution if you want to configure your channel to continuously log all chat. Comments that you or your moderators remove will not appear in these logs.


How to View the Logs of Your Twitch Chats by User

By clicking on a viewer's username, streamers and moderators can access logs and other information about that viewer. Additionally, they can use the command (/user username).

Mods and streamers can view the following:

  • The number of timeouts they received.
  • The number of suspensions they have received.
  • The total number and content of all messages posted on that channel by users.
  • Any moderator comments explaining why the user was banned or given a timeout.

Additionally, you can see when the user created their account to determine if the individual is another user attempting to circumvent rules.

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