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10 Games for Remote Team Fun

Online Games . 

Once you try working remotely, you won't change it for anything. Autonomy in the schedule, having several clients, avoiding traffic, working comfortably from home, we better cut here because the list is long. However, we must be honest, there is one thing we miss about traditional work, even if it's only once in a while: sharing with your colleagues at lunchtime or departure time!

The truth is that spending pleasant moments with the work team, where we don't talk about work, of course! It has its benefits; it brings you closer together, reduces stress, breaks the ice, you get to know your colleagues better, and you don't feel isolated. Fortunately, you don't have to miss the advantage of working in an office so much because you can have fun with your team remotely with games and different fun online articles from Vitaliy Klymenko, Editor In Chief in Slotamia. Here's a list!

  1. TableTop Simulator

Board fun is traditional, it's like classic slot games online in the gambling world. On the TableTop Simulator website, you can create games with your co-workers and even customize them. They have several games; the most popular are dominoes, poker, Chinese checkers, and chess. There are more; you just have to browse around and agree with other members.


  1. Rock, paper, scissors

Who hasn't played it? You just need to make a virtual meeting and turn on your cameras; the hands must be visible so that everyone who is in the game can see the choices. No need to explain how to play, right? Although we have all played the game at one time or another, it is advisable to refresh the rules of the game at the beginning.

In a virtual meeting, it is common that there are people from different countries; who knows, there may be the possibility that the rules are different for some members.



  1. Spatial Chat

It may sound a bit funny to you, as it is a virtual party room. This platform became known in 2020 and continues to gain popularity. All team members can attend a late-night party from home; they connect just like in a video conference, and the platform simulates the environment.

They can listen, chat, sing and well everyone can drink from home. It's a fun game, once everyone is connected more than one will start laughing.



  1. Balderdash

Guessing what a word means makes this game fun - imagine it with a remote team! What does it involve? One team member chooses a strange word and announces it to the participants, then everyone gives their own definition of the word, then everyone votes for the concept they think is the right one.

It doesn't end there; they look up what the word actually means and award a point to those who voted for the concept that most closely resembles the real one. The name of this dynamic is probably familiar to you, since it is one of the categories of a popular board game.


  1. Gartic Phone

How good are you at drawing? Don't worry because that's the fun part; each team member draws a phrase or word that, randomly, another member wrote; there is a limited time to make the drawing and also to think of a phrase, then the drawings are rotated, and they must guess what the image is about.

At the end each drawing and the captions appear. The laughter won't stop once they start. Keep in mind that they should make a virtual meeting so that everyone can talk and join the game platform.


  1. Remote Team Games: Pointless

This British game consists of a team member asking a question. Those who give a correct answer that is both less common and less common will get more points, for example. Animals beginning with the letter A, those who say spider, eagle, or scorpion, will have fewer points than those who say gannet.



  1. Town Of Salem

In this game, there are two sides: the good guys and the bad guys. A town inspires it in the time where witches were hunted, but instead of hunting the witches, the villagers must find who of its members are the mafia to catch them. If they eliminate more villagers than mafia members, the bad guys win.



  1. Tutti Frutti

You probably played this game as a kid and knew it by a different name. You have to complete several words in a given time. When you play it as a team, you'll find that there's no shortage of laughs, even though everyone must compete against everyone else. Success!



  1. Personal quiz games

The main rule is that the questions to be asked must be out of respect. But personal questions within the team make the members get to know each other better, that is, to find out things or funny stories that you had no idea about your teammates.



  1. Moonshot

Well, the only disadvantage we could give to this site is that it is paid. However, it has its appeal. It is a virtual escape room ideal for remote team play, up to 100 people can participate at the same time. Will they be able to get out? It depends on your dynamics as a team.

Team games for those who work remotely are an excellent way to decrease the feeling of isolation and help strengthen the sense of belonging, as well as relieve stress. Tell us, do you have another game that helps fuel this list?

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