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10 Ways Custom Washi Tape Can Make Your Life Easier

Washi Tape Printing . 

I love tapes. I keep them around my desk at work, in my drawers at home, and in my purse. They're cheap, they come in so many sizes and shapes that there's one for every occasion, and they're endlessly useful. But one of my favorite things about Washi Tape Printing is how versatile it is—you can use it for practically anything! From making custom gift tags on gifts to organizing your cables with a color code; from adding whimsy to boring wrapping paper or making an easy vase for parties... the uses are endless!

Create custom gift tags.

  • Use a paper punch to create tags.
  • Use a hole punch to make holes in the tag.
  • You could also use a hole punch to make holes in the tag, but that's up to you!

Add personality and color to your everyday items.

Washi tape can add personality and color to your everyday items. Use it to decorate boring items like light switches, mailboxes or pens! For example, you could use the washi tape to decorate your computer or phone case.

Organize your cables with a color code.

You can use washi tape to help you organize your cables.

  • Use different colors to organize different types of cables. For example, use black for all the USB charging cables and red for all the HDMI cables.
  • Use different colors to organize different rooms in your home or apartment. If you have a computer room with multiple monitors, then it makes sense to label each monitor with a different color so that no one accidentally moves them around while they're set up there. This is especially helpful if the monitors are side by side with only one person using them at a time (like in most gaming setups).
  • Use different colors to organize what types of activities each person prefers doing on their own devices (such as using their laptop instead of sharing an iPad). This way everyone gets their own designated area without worrying about what color ribbon they're going after when pulling out their favorite device from storage!

Use it as a bookmark.

Washi tape is a great way to mark pages in a book, magazine, catalog, textbook or newspaper. It's also a really easy way to highlight important sections in your favorite novel. Simply pull off as much washi tape as you need and stick it on the page you want to remember later!

If you're reading something that doesn't have any blank pages (like my copy of Harry Potter), then just cut out some strips of washi tape and stick them right on the spine or cover!

Add flair and pattern to boring storage.

  • Add flair and pattern to boring storage.
  • Decorating your home with washi tape is not only fun, but also easy. It’s no secret that we love our storage containers with a little personality—and if you do too, then this is the perfect way to add some pizazz without breaking the bank. From bins for organizing papers and files to drawers for holding miscellaneous items, there are endless ways you could use this versatile material in your home!
  • Use washi tape as an accent piece in your closet.

If you have any closets that could use some extra decorating (we all do), then it's time to get creative! Not only does adding some felt balls or other embellishments make everything look more organized; but adding colorful accents will also give those same shelves some personality too—making them feel less like they're just another set of walls in an otherwise bland space."

Label things in your fridge with special tape.

If you’re feeling like your refrigerator needs a little more organization, custom washi tape can help. Label the shelves in your fridge with a label maker that prints both sides of the tape. That way, no matter how many times someone pulls at one of them (looking for some tasty leftovers), it won’t come off! If you want to go even further than that—and why wouldn't you?—you could even print out pictures of whatever's in those containers onto your custom washi tapes. The possibilities are endless!

Make easy washi tape vases for parties.

If you're hosting a party, but don't have time to make vases, washi tape is a perfect solution. Simply cover an empty glass jar with washi tape and fill it with your choice of flowers. You can also use this method as an alternative to creating centerpieces.

Add whimsy to your wrapping paper.

To add some whimsy to your wrapping paper, use Washi Tape Printing as a border. One of the best things about washi tape is that it comes in so many different patterns and colors. You can use this to create a pattern on your wrapping paper or to simply draw attention to the box or bow you’re using for your gift.

Make a quick border for bulletin boards.

  • Use washi tape to make a quick border for your bulletin board.
  • Washi tape comes in so many shapes, sizes and colors that you can use it to add visual interest. Try using different widths of tape or different patterns to make an even more interesting border.
  • You can also use the tape on its own as an accent piece when decorating bulletin boards and walls!

Personalize your phone charger cable with some fun tape!

If you're tired of looking at your boring, black phone charger cable, try decorating it with some fun washi tape! It's easy to do and can make your charger stand out in a crowd.

You can use different color tapes to make it look like something else, like a bow or ribbon. For example, if you want the cable to match your room's theme, choose several different colors that all match what's going on in there (for example: if pink is popular in your room this month or season, then pick up some pink tape). Or maybe you have a patterned phone case—put the matching pattern on your charger!

The possibilities are endless when it comes out of the box; all it takes is an empty headspace and some imagination

Washi tape is an inexpensive, fun way to make my life easier.

Washi tape is an inexpensive, fun way to make my life easier. It's easy to use and available in a variety of colors that can be used on gifts, storage containers, wrapping paper, and more. I love how washi tape adds color and personality to my life without breaking the bank.

There are so many ways to use custom washi tape; here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Use it as gift wrap! You can even match it with your present if you want (as long as it's not too big).
  • Wrap up your kitchen utensils or decorative items with it so they don't get lost in a drawer.
  • Put some on your file folders at work so you know which one has what inside of it!


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about all the ways custom washi tape can make your life easier—and I hope it inspires you to try some of these ideas out for yourself! If you do, please share your creations with us on Twitter. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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