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13 Reasons to consider while book student accommodation In Cardiff

Cardiff is the ideal student city since it has a fun environment and lots of things to do. In addition to places for art, music, drama, and sport, the city is filled with lovely parks and gardens. The city is renowned for its assortment of bars, cafes, and restaurants that serve both traditional Welsh food and a wide range of other cuisines, making it the perfect destination for people of all tastes. Students will profit from Cardiff's excellent transport options to other areas of Wales and England as if that weren't motivation enough to visit. These top reasons will hopefully persuade you that Cardiff is a fantastic university city.

  • Flourishing student body  

Cardiff is home to one of the University of South Wales' campuses and has two outstanding universities to choose from: Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University. There are approximately 400 undergraduate degrees available between them, thus there are many options when choosing what to study.

  • A variety of activities

There are several art galleries, museums, parks, theatres, and entertainment venues in the city, including the National Museum of Cardiff, Bute Park, New Theatre, and The Globe, to keep you occupied when you're not studying.

  • Good transport options  

Cardiff's train and transport systems make it simple to travel and visit other areas of Wales and England. There are direct trains from Cardiff Central to many other locations, including Cheltenham, London, and Manchester.

  • Inexpensive housing  

In Cardiff, there are numerous affordable student housing alternatives for students to choose from. You'll find that the average rent of the Student Accommodation Cardiff in this city is far less than the rent in other UK cities, including London.

  • Beautiful scenery  

Cardiff offers wonderful beach portions along the Welsh coastline in addition to lovely views of the surrounding countryside. What could be a better way to unwind following a long week of studying than a trip to the beach?

  • Delicious cuisine

Cardiff offers a variety of cuisines, from traditional Welsh fare to meals from around the globe, so there is something for everyone. Welsh rarebit, Glamorgan sausages and Welsh cakes are examples of traditional foods from Wales. Glamorgan sausages are a type of cheese sausage.

  • Wonderful for cyclists

The city is quite bike-friendly, and you can rent bikes all over the place. After downloading the app and creating an account, you can rent bikes from docking stations located throughout the city.

  • Job and internship opportunities  

Cardiff is home to a large number of businesses that provide graduate jobs as well as internships for students seeking experience or an introduction to their chosen field of study.

  • Prestigious universities  

Whether it's at Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, or the University of South Wales, there are numerous institutions in Cardiff that offer programmes in anything from engineering to medicine.

  • Musical events

On the doorstep of Cardiff every summer, several of Wales' largest music festivals feature performances by prominent artists at renowned venues like The Principality Stadium and Motorpoint Arena.

  • Opportunities in sports  

You may not only watch prestigious sporting events like the Europe's Championship Cup but also participate in them at neighbouring venues like the Circuit de Wales. Welsh rugby matches are played at Cardiff's Principality Stadium, which also serves as the venue for international football matches.

  • Student discounts

Cardiff's majority of businesses provide customers who present their student ID cards discounts, thereby lowering the cost of attending school. To take advantage of the discounts offered, just make sure you have your student ID on you or download applications like Student Beans or UniDays.

  • Extracurricular activities   

In this vibrant city, there's always something going on, and there are plenty of options for students who want to join social clubs. There are numerous clubs and sports teams available to both students and non-students, in addition to those provided by the Student Unions at the universities located across the city.

Three universities with a wide range of programmes and specialisations are located in Cardiff. There are many alternatives in this dynamic city for whatever you want to study at university. Cardiff takes pride in having a diverse student body and provides a wide choice of extracurricular activities in addition to support services including career advising and counselling. Cardiff makes it simple for students to travel around and see the numerous things the city has to offer thanks to good transport options and reasonably priced student housing.

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