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Avaya Workforce Engagement Support Certified Exam (33160X )

Avaya Workforce Engagement Support 33160X Exam Questions . 

Are you beginning your preparation journey for the 33160X Avaya Workforce Engagement Support Certified Exam? PassQuestion provides the latest Avaya Workforce Engagement Support 33160X Exam Questions that are designed to mirror the actual 33160X exam content, making them a crucial part of your study plan. They're carefully crafted to reflect the questions you'll face in the real exam, giving you a solid foundation and the confidence you need to perform at your best. If you thoroughly prepare for the exam using our Avaya Workforce Engagement Support 33160X Exam Questions, we offer a guarantee for your success in the 33160X final exam. With the right preparation and dedication, you can navigate through the exam smoothly and successfully.

Avaya Workforce Engagement Support Certified Exam (33160X) is a requirement to earn the Avaya Workforce Engagement Support (ACSS - 3308) credential. The Avaya Workforce Engagement Support (ACSS - 3308) validates a candidate has achieved an advanced understanding of and competence in troubleshooting, maintaining and administration of Avaya industry leading communications products. This exam has 68 questions, and the minimum passing score is 68% (46 of 68 correct). The candidate has 90 minutes to complete this exam.

Avaya 33160X Exam Objectives


  • Describe Avaya Contact Recorder Advanced, Archive, and Avaya Workforce Engagement System Architecture.
  • Explain Avaya Contact Recorder Advanced and Avaya Workforce Engagement Integrations.


  • Describe how to install Avaya Workforce Engagement Framework.


  • Describe the process to configure Avaya Workforce Engagement System.
  • Describe how to configure Avaya Contact Recorder Advanced on Avaya Workforce Engagement.
  • Describe how to configure Archive.


  • Explain administrative tasks in Avaya Workforce Engagement.


  • Demonstrate how to maintain Avaya Workforce Engagement and Avaya Contact Recorder Advanced.
  • Identify the steps to backup and restore an Avaya Workforce Engagement.
  • Identify the steps to upgrade and migrate Avaya Workforce Engagement.


  • Troubleshoot Avaya Workforce Engagement.
  • Troubleshoot Avaya Contact Recorder Advanced.

What are the Best Way To Prepare for Avaya 33160X exam?

If you're preparing for the Avaya 33160X exam, here are some comprehensive strategies to ensure you're thoroughly ready:
1. Use PassQuestion's Avaya Workforce Engagement Support 33160X Exam Questions: This resource provides the latest questions that are designed to mirror the actual Avaya 33160X exam content. These questions are carefully crafted to reflect the questions you'll face in the real exam. Using these will give you a solid foundation and the confidence you need to perform at your best.
2. Understand the exam format: The Avaya 33160X exam has a specific format, which includes 68 questions that need to be completed within 90 minutes. The minimum passing score is 68% (46 of 68 correct). Familiarize yourself with this format and the types of questions you might encounter. This will help you manage your time effectively during the exam.
3. Focus on weak areas: Review the areas you're less confident in until you're comfortable with them. This could involve revisiting certain topics or concepts, or practicing certain types of questions more frequently.
4. Simulate the examination environment: One effective way to reduce exam stress is to simulate the examination environment while studying. This could mean setting a timer for 90 minutes and attempting to answer 68 questions within that timeframe. This will help you get comfortable under exam conditions.
5. Regular revision and review: It's important to revise and review your study materials regularly. This helps to reinforce what you've learned and ensures that the information stays fresh in your memory.

View Online Avaya Workforce Engagement Support Certified Exam 33160X Free Questions

1. In Avaya Contact Recorder Advanced (ACRA), you want to view information related to your configuration such as adapters, data sources, recording rules and real time monitors. Which monitoring tool collects this information?
A.Recorder Status Summary
B.Configuration Checker
C.Integration Service Status
D.Capture Status
Answer: D

2. A technician is configuring the recorder Integration Service in Recorder Manager to allow the recorder to communicate with the switch
Which statement is true about CTI adapter?
A.There is just one CTI adapter per data source
B.There is just one CTI adapter per system
C.CTI adapter is not necessary for Integration Service
D.CTI adapter is required to receive call signalling and meta data from the
Answer: D

3. Which two statements about the Avaya Workforce Engagement database management Service account are true? (Choose two)
A.The account cannot be the same as the Management Service account
B.The password can be changed after the installation
C.It is allowed to change the username after initial installation.
D.The account must be defined within a workgroup
Answer: A, B

4. Which utility is designed to Verify that the framework server has passed the prerequisite check and is ready to install?
A.SR Validator
B.WFO setup.exe
C.Avaya WTF Preinstall Utility
D.Audit Test
Answer: C

5. When using the capture status tool for troubleshooting, what kind of information is collected?
A.Summary of thresholds for CPU usage, memory, recordings, and lag time
B.Details for audio and screen capture, channels, extensions, and workstations
C.Information on adapters, data sources, recording rules, recorders, and real time monitors.
D.Summary of all recorded lines
Answer: C

6. Which three Avaya Workforce Engagement maintenance tasks should be completed in a daily or weekly basis? (choose three).
A.Consider loading trends.
B.Check active alarms
C.Confirm Services are running
D.Perform Database backups
E.Check data fragmentation
Answer: B, C, D

7. In a scenario with Avaya Contact Recorder Advanced (ACRA) using station-side recording (TDM), which statement is true?
A.When there is an outgoing call that is put on hold for a consult with a supervisor, and then conferences with a supervisor, the call with the customer and the conference with the supervisor will be recorded, while the internal consult will not be recorded.
B.When there is an incoming call that is put on hold, only the customer side will be recorded.
C.An internal call will not be recorded.
D.When there is an outgoing call that is put on hold for a consult with a supervisor, and then conferenced with a supervisor, everything will be recorded.
Answer: A

8. Which two statements are true about Disk Manager tasks for Avaya Contact recorder advanced (ACRA)? (choose two)
A.It removes all the data associated with a recording file when necessary.
B.It monitors the call buffer to ensure that there is enough free space to.
C.It deletes the oldest recordings from the drive to make free space for the new recordings
D.It is used to define and configure disk partitions used for storing.
Answer: A, C

9. A technician is preparing for an upgrade from Workforce Optimization (WFO) Vll to Avaya Workforce Engagement R20.X .Which upgrade path must be used?
A.Side-by side or hardware reuse migration to R20.x
B.Two step upgrade process, to V15.1 first, then to R20.x
C.Side-by side upgrade to R20.x in Windows 2016
D.In-place upgrade to R20.x in Windows 2012 R2 (grey kit)
Answer: B

10. In the Avaya Workforce Engagement, which twostatementsabout framework license activation are true? (Choose two)
A.License activation requires Enterprise Manager access to the internet
B.The License Reference number is generated when the customer order is placed
C.The License Registration Key is generated during installation
D.The License Registration Key isgeneratedbefore the Enterprise Suite is installed
Answer: A, D

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