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Best Tax Preparation Services in Las Vegas

Tax Preparation Services in Las Vegas . 

Having to prepare your own personal income tax return is a risk that most people cannot afford to take. Filing a personal income tax return can leave you with more questions than answers, which is why  Tax & Accounting in Las Vegas can be a great resource.

We provide qualified solutions that simplify the tax return process for our clients while also providing several advantages. You get the advantage of working with seasoned professionals who have the knowledge to maximize your tax refund to the fullest extent when you choose us as your tax services in Las Vegas. To consistently provide the best outcome for each client, we minimize tax liabilities. Consider our services if you ever need tax assistance in Las Vegas for several reasons: Low and fixed prices, a full year of business, and highly skilled tax experts are all assets.

It's too easy to overlook deductions and credits that you are entitled to even if you file a relatively simple return, whether we like it or not, since today's tax laws are so complicated. The help of a Las Vegas tax return preparer is essential, regardless of whether you use a computer program or not.

You'll receive the following services from Bigxperts Tax & Accounting in Las Vegas:

  • As part of our review process, we will check and recheck your tax return using our computer software, identifying potential IRS problems and reviewing the math to limit IRS contact.
  • Filing your tax return electronically will result in a faster refund.
  • Why give the IRS an interest free loan for up to 16 months? Our tax experts will help you adjust your payroll withholding to get more money back each week.
  • In addition to showing you potential deductions to limit your tax liability for the next year, we will also give you a list of common overlooked deductions.

Experienced Las Vegas Tax Accounting

An expert tax accountant from our firm in Las Vegas can provide you with the necessary information to minimize your tax liability based on the current tax laws. We don’t just do taxes - we offer comprehensive small business financial management to help small businesses thrive. We are here year round to discuss any changes that may arise related to your income or tax situation.

Let Your Tax Accountant Do the Work

Providing our clients with the tools to plan for their future and help them achieve their goals is one of our favorite aspects of being an accounting firm. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, as it is more beneficial to plan and be proactive than to try and resolve issues later. Whether you are adding a new member to your household or starting a business, we can help with every last detail.

No family should overlook the importance of tax planning. Find out more about our CPA firm.

We provide these tax accounting services

  • Individual income returns
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Partnership income tax returns
  • Estate and trust tax returns
  • Sales tax returns
  • Payroll tax returns

Representation by the Internal Revenue Service

Tax professionals can assist you through the process and work with the IRS to resolve the situation and keep you out of trouble, while keeping you in your pocket.

With your tax accountant, you can rest assured that someone will look out for your best interests and won't allow the IRS to bully you. Some IRS matters are simple, and some are complex, but working through the process with someone is key.

Don’t try to deal with back taxes by yourself, or worse yet, don’t do anything about the issue. Our certified public accountants may be able to help you. We will handle all of your IRS problems and outline the best possible plan in order to resolve the issues quickly when you choose to work with the professionals at Larry L Bertsch, CPA & Associates.

Tax Accounting Service FAQs

What should I do if I receive a notice from the IRS?

Each year, the IRS sends millions of notices to taxpayers. The best advice is to deal with the notice or letter immediately. Some letters are routine and can be easily resolved. If you need help addressing the letter or notice, contact our office, Larry L. Bertsch CPA & Associates. A tax accountant will be happy to assist you. The letter or notice will give you specific instructions on how to resolve the issue or problem.

How do I work with the IRS if I owe back taxes

There are times when the IRS is willing to work with you to resolve your tax balances, in contrast to horror stories commonly told. In truth, sometimes the process is smooth. Other times, it can be a battle. There are various degrees of resolutions based on the amount owed. Getting through the challenges of owing the IRS can be challenging, but we can help narrow down your options and find a solution.

Currently, I'm applying for a loan and need my tax returns completed.

The lender will ask for your tax returns regardless of whether you're buying a house or applying for a loan for another reason. You will need to get your tax returns current if you're not up to date on your filings. You can schedule an appointment with a tax expert by calling the office. We understand the importance of completing these filings in a timely manner.

Currently, I'm behind on my tax returns

It is not uncommon for taxpayers to fall behind on their tax returns for a variety of reasons. The hardest part is getting back on track. We can assist. The key is to get them submitted so you can lessen the burden of filing late. We can come up with a plan to file the returns and handle any amounts due to the IRS, regardless of how simple or complicated they are. You may lose out on a refund if you wait too long, so it's important to get caught up right away.

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