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Buying an Engagement Ring- 6 Pointers


What are your plans for asking that special someone to marry you? If this describes your situation, you have likely practiced getting down on one knee and perfected your "pitch" in the hopes that your significant other will accept your proposal. Concentrate on the ring now. If the prospect of shopping for an engagement ring fills you with dread, we hope to save you some time and heartache.

Don't follow the crowd blindly

The goal should be to locate the stone that is a perfect fit for your future wife or husband so that the ring can serve as a classic and enduring symbol of your love. What kind of person do they rate as, gold or platinum? I was wondering if they favored bold jewelry or if they stuck to simpler styles. Think about what they already like in terms of fashion to help you decide on a piece that they will want to wear forever.

Find a trustworthy vendor.

A ring is a significant financial commitment, so make sure you shop wisely. Unfortunately, this is one of those occasions where buying something online is a bad idea. Pick a reliable vendor who has been around for a while and has a solid reputation for providing excellent service and helping customers through any questions, they may have.

For the band, select a metal

Engagement rings (and wedding bands) are often crafted from yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum; however, rose gold has developed as a chic, contemporary option in recent years. Platinum and silver may have similar appearances, however platinum is far more expensive because to its higher density (and is also rarer).

Don’t commit.

Unless absolutely necessary, avoid making any legally binding commitments to the jeweler that would be analogous to the one you hope to make with your future spouse. Even if your special someone absolutely despises what you've created, you should be allowed to trade it for something else. Both you and the jewelry you give your future wife or husband should be treasured for the rest of your lives.

Always Buy Certified

An engagement ring is a significant financial commitment, so it's important to shop carefully. If you do locate the perfect ring, do your research to ensure that the stone is genuine and comes from a reputable certification service. If you are looking to buy Titanium rings or anything similar check on Engagement Rings Direct.

View diamonds in various lighting

Whether it's natural sunlight, fluorescent bulbs, or pinpoint illumination, the appearance of a diamond changes dramatically depending on the source. White spotlighting is commonly used in jewelry stores, and it is effective at bringing out the diamond's brightness and fire. Dramatic lighting like that is rare in everyday life.

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