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CCL and NAATI Exam Format

Naati,NAATI Exam Format . 

CCL test format is online-based and has certain rules to be followed by the candidates. It is a formal translation test that demands certain decorums and norms.

NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) conducts this test to help immigration applicants earn five points towards their point-based visa applications.


The dialogues in the NAATI exam format represent real-life situations in Australia. They reflect business, employment, customer service, insurance, social services, legal, education and health issues.

The examination is 20 minutes long and each discussion is about 300 words. They are divided into sub-segments that are about 35 words each.

To pass the CCL test, candidates must get a minimum of 29 points out of 45 in each dialogue and 63 points in two dialogues. You must also make sure to avoid any kind of delays or hesitations.

The NAATI CCL test is comparatively easier to pass than other proficiency tests, but you must take proper preparation. To prepare for this exam, you can either use free materials or enroll for a NAATI CCL coaching course from an online resource like CLUBHUB.


For a test taker lucky enough to be awarded the honor of neophyte in residence, the challenge of preparing for the rigors of life can be a tad daunting. Its a good thing there are a host of resources to choose from. This includes a plethora of free sample tests available to the public at large, as well as a selection of paid offerings. The trick is to find a tester that matches your unique needs and psyche.

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The naati acronym stands for nativity assessment test in iota or nativity test in nanosecond and it's worth noting that the actual testing can be done at home. Aside from the nitty gritty there are many benefits to being a nativity tester such as a streamlined pathway to citizenship. The nativity tests are also free of charge. The biggest challenge is to find the right nativity tester provider for your needs and budget. The best nativity test provider will not only help you find the right test for your needs but also provide support in the form of tips and tricks to make your nativity test a breeze to administer.

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To pass a NAATI exam, candidates must have a solid grasp of vocabulary related to the dialogues. This includes terms and jargons from the medical, legal, social, community, financial, and housing industries.

A candidate should also have a good knowledge of employment terminology. These include terms and phrases that are used in Australian job titles.

The CCL test is conducted online, Monday to Friday on Canberra time. It consists of two dialogues recorded in English and LOTE (Language Other Than English).

Each of the dialogues contains segments worth 45 marks, which means that you need to score at least 29 in each one to pass the NAATI CCL Test.

To be a successful interpreter, you must maintain fluency in the interpretation and avoid delays or hesitations. This is especially important when the conversation shifts between the two languages back and forth.


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