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HPE0-S60 Delta - HPE Computer Solutions Exam Overview

Delta - HPE Compute Solutions HPE0-S60 Dumps . 
HPE0-S60 Delta - HPE Computer Solutions exam is a valuable certification for IT professionals looking to validate their skills and knowledge in HPE compute solutions. Studying Passcert Delta- HPE Computer Solutions HPE0-S60 dumps can be highly beneficial for individuals looking to pass the HPE0-S60 exam. These Delta - HPE Compute Solutions HPE0-S60 Dumps provide a comprehensive overview of the exam objectives and include practice questions that mimic the real exam. By studying Delta - HPE Compute Solutions HPE0-S60 Dumps, candidates can gain a better understanding of the exam content and increase their chances of success. 
Delta - HPE Compute Solutions HPE0-S60 Dumps
The HPE0-S60 Delta - HPE Computer Solutions exam is a comprehensive test designed to evaluate the skills and knowledge of IT professionals in HPE compute solutions. This exam is intended for individuals who have experience working with HPE compute solutions and are looking to validate their skills and knowledge.
Exam ID: HPE0-S60
Exam type: Proctored
Exam duration: 1 hour
Exam length: 40 questions
Passing score: 61%
Delivery languages: English

HP Certification HPE0-S60 Exam Objectives

17%    Understand and position the mainstream HPE enterprise compute product portfolio

15%    Plan and Design Server Solutions 

Given a set of customer requirements, plan and design a solution
Given a scenario, verify  the solution is complete and the site is prepared for implementation
Given a scenario, validate the solution design for compatibility with the existing infrastructure
Given a scenario, identify the required components for an implementation plan

33%   Install, Configure, and Set Up, HPE Server Solutions

Describe installation and start-up procedure for solution components
Describe how the advanced configuration of the solution components is performed
Describe how to validate proper solution functionality

17%   Troubleshoot HPE Server Solutions

Given a scenario, use the appropriate tools to identify and analyze an issue
Given a scenario with an issue, explain the action plan for resolution
Given a defined issue and action plan, explain the effects and results of the proposed actions
Identify appropriate measures to limit reoccurrences of resolved issues

18%   Manage, Monitor, and Maintain Solutions 

Given a customer scenario, identify potential impacts of a change
Given a customer’s performance data and solution design, identify the bottleneck
Given a scenario, identify changes in customer compute resource requirements
Using support matrices, evaluate software and firmware compatibility
Describe methods for modifying configuration of components to meet changing customer requirements

Preparation Tips To Pass HPE0-S60 Delta - HPE Computer Solutions Exam

To best prepare for the HPE0-S60 Delta - HPE Computer Solutions exam, candidates should start by reviewing the exam objectives and creating a study plan. A study plan should be a detailed and comprehensive document that outlines what the candidate needs to learn and how they will go about learning it. The plan should include resources such as study guides, practice tests, and hands-on experience with HPE compute solutions. It is important for the candidate to use a variety of resources to ensure they are fully prepared for the exam.
In addition to traditional study resources, candidates can take advantage of online forums and communities to ask questions and get help from other IT professionals. These forums and communities can be a great resource for candidates who need additional support or who want to connect with other professionals in the field. By engaging with the community, candidates can gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in the industry.
Finally, candidates should consider seeking out additional hands-on experiences with HPE compute solutions. This can include internships or work experience in an IT setting. By gaining practical experience with HPE compute solutions, candidates can gain a deeper understanding of the technology and how it is used in real-world scenarios. This experience can be invaluable when taking the HPE0-S60 Delta exam and can help candidates excel in their future careers.

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1. Which compute node parameters are captured within server hardware type?
A. Number of the CPUs
B. installed operating system
C. Mezzanine card configuration
D. Size of the memory Installed
Answer: B
2. Which statement about manual orchestration during the firmware update is true?
A. It is supported only for logical enclosures with at least three frames
B. It provides an ability to select and update one side of the Interconnect topology at a time
C. It provides the ability to install an older firmware version than currently Installed In the interconnect
D. It allows all the interconnect modules to be activated manually at the same time.
Answer: B
3. Which statement about the HPE D3940 storage module is true?
A. SATA drives requires redundant 10 adapters to be installed in this module
B. Up to five modules can be installed in a single frame with Gen10 servers
C. it is configured through CLl available from HPE Synergy console
D. Only one type of drives (SATA, SAS, SSD) can be installed in each module
Answer: C
4. You are troubleshooting an HPE OneView server profile that presents a critical state. The server profile was configured with a Link Aggregation Group
What should you check to fix the issue?
A. if both FiexNICs are configured with the same speed
B. If the logical enclosure is built on at least three HPE Synergy frames
C. if both FiexNICs are connected to different networks
D. if the logical enclosure is configured with redundant master modules
Answer: A
5. Your customer plans to expand an existing nPar based on a single HPE Superdome Flex chassis.
Which statement about workload availability during expansion is true?
A. Powered nPar can be expanded only if HPE Superdome Flex 280 is used
B. Online expansion is available only if RMC is used for management.
C. HPE Superdome Flex does not support expansion of powered on nPars
D. Powered nPar can be expanded if it does not use HPE Persistent Memory
Answer: A
6. Which tool can be used to evaluate me health of an HPE Oneview appliance before proceeding with an appliance updated.
A. HPE Composer Maintenance Console
B. HPE OneView Update Readiness Checker
C. HPE OneView Global Dashboard
D. HPE OneView Firmware Compliance Report
Answer: A
7. Which statement about a new HPE SimpliVity deployment is true?
A. New HPE SimpliVity deployments gives customer flexible choice of hypervisor
B. A new HPE SimpliVity node can be a member of multiple dusters
C. AM new HPE SimpliVity models are software optimized
D. All new HPE SimpliVity models are based on mid CPUs
Answer: A
8. You plan to configure a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) for two connections within a server profile for a compute node running an ESXI system.
What is required from the VMware side to enable LAG?
A. Virtual Distributed Switch
B. vSphere Standard license
C. Load balancing cluster
D. Dedicated VMKernel port
Answer: D

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